Tuesday, June 8, 2010

fun, fun, fun

I created this video for school with the help of taylor and her friends Lina, and Cindy! thanks guys it turned out great!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Blast to the Future!

hey guys! wow its been FOREVER!! I'm sooo sorry! Kay so some updates i guess. I applied to college and got in!! HA HA mom!! lol my mom was worried i wasn't going to get in anywhere! GUESS WHAT MOM!!! i got into all 4 of the schools i applied to! Utah State (#1 choice) Idaho state(last choice) Utah Valley (3rd choice) and University of Utah(not even a choice!!) BYU Idaho is my second choice but I'm gonna apply for winter term in April. My family is trying to sell the house, and hoping my mom gets a job in Idaho. I CAN NOT WAIT to get out of "the garden state!!" i hate NJ with a passion! so there's like 4 months left in my senior year of high school! OM double goodness!! i cant wait to graduate! i hate high school!

Well i guess that pretty much sums up the time that's gone by! he he

I'm at a sleepover at Sister Engstroms house with the young women right now! OOH fun! there are only two older girls here....me and Courtney....everyone else is SO little! lol well I'm gonna crash i have a headache!

ill try to keep posting whenever i remember! lol
love always,

Danie Marie