Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution Party!

I'm so excited for 2009!! alot of stuff is happening this year that's going to be awesome! YAY!
For instance- i will get my license in approximately 25 days and 6 hours!! okay maybe more like 12 hours or something but still! anyway I'm way excited about that for sure! that's the highlight of my year! another thing though is Arli is getting married in 23 days and 6 hours! WOAH! lol never thought it would happen so soon and fast!
Next, i finish my junior year in High school and move on to be a senior!! WOW!! I'm getting old or something! haha
That's pretty much the highlights but I'm way excited for it all to begin! WOO!

I have some new year resolutions to put out here too...not to personal ones
1. Exercise more-go to the GYM!!

2. manage my time wisely (I'm going to be busy with a job, the gym, homework, school, the LITE program, and the school musical)

3. Make up seminary work(make sure i finish new testament, all scriptures memorized, get gold achievement award, make up missed seminary days)

4. pray more, read scriptures more, and work harder on building my testimony

5. Work harder in school! get better grades!
those are enough for now i think hehe
Tonight the young women and young men are having a new years eve party and we are celebrating at the church playing games and stuff!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sleepy Dancing Fun!!

The dance last night was fun!! Church dances are always a blast! I mean they are SO lively and everyone is just workin it!! (sarcasm intended) But, yes is was alot of fun a lot of my friends went and i danced and of course me being the most outgoing in the ward got all of our ward to dance well at least the girls....the boys are impossible! lol I also danced with that guy Alex from a while ago... was kinda awkward but i kept it or at least tried to keep it very casual so he wouldn't think i still or liked him again!(that wouldn't turn out well) i asked about school, his "new"girly friend (once then quickly ended cause i didn't wanna sound jealous or anything) and told him about me getting a part in the play and about driving in a month! then when the dance ended i said thanks for dancing with me and walked away. i tried to keep the conversation going so there were no awkward silences.....of course there might have been a few but i think it went quite well! I'm proud! :)
So anyway. i had fun! BUT....... the best part of the night was when Emily K my bff slept over.

She got back from Idaho about a week or two ago and we haven't been able to hang out but she got to sleepover last night i had a ball....we stayed up late and talked about EVERYTHING!! it was fun! i love her to death!
At midnight we went in Taylor's room(she was still up with a friend too) and jumped on her and sang happy birthday since today is her birthday!

Poor girl threw up thrice today though! we didn't get to go to build a bear like we do every year and she was in pain cause she has a tooth ache! she did get a blessing tonight though we had some people over and the men gave her a blessing which was nice.....hope she feels better!
Well I'm beat.... so I'm gonna crash! One more week of 9 30 church then i get to sleep til NOON!! WOOT! I'm so excited!!! YAY!!
Danie Marie

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time

So i had a wonderful Christmas!! I got alot of presnets!!

i got rain boots an i pod, an i home, clothes, and jewelry!! it was awesome! i also got sheets and a comforter for my bed and they're RED! my favorite color!! woot! i haven't had a lot of time to post recently! i did get into the play!! Urine Town!! I'm a poor person! its a small part but at least I'm in it!! lol I'm really excited!

we don't go back to school until the 5Th which is pretty sweet!! lots of time off!
There's a dance tonight

that I'm excited for and we have a LITE presidency meeting before!

well I'm babysitting Ben right now and hes stuck at the bottom of my bed so I'm going to help him! ill post another time and tell you how the dance goes!!
love always,
Danie Marie

Friday, December 19, 2008

Research Scandal

I'm in school right now in my British Literature class and we are in the media center learning how to do research for the millionth time in my life! ::sigh::
I'm being a very scandalous girl right now instead of listening to the lecture i am blogging... WOOT!
Research sucks!
We are researching Macbeth...sounds fun huh? we are reading the book after break. it stinks!
Auditions for the musical were this week. i think i did pretty well. the cast list is supposed to go up today but we probably wont have after school stuff so they won't put it up until Monday which stinks! i wanna know if i got in!! UGH!
well i better go be a good girl now and listen, before i get caught! ::GASP!::
I have Internet now so i will be starting to blog again!
til next time!
Danie Marie

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not much here!

Still no Internet, but i hopefully will get it back soon to update with more exciting news!
This weekend i didn't do much but i did have fun! Friday i had a concert in Monroe and we did really well. After my mom, Taylor, Emily G, and I went to applebees for half priced appetizers it was delicious! then me and em went to Shop Rite to get hair dye so i could dye her hair. we chose a nice golden brown and it looks really good on her! she slept over too and since we didn't start dying her hair until around 11 30 or so we didn't go to bed until like 1 30 or 2! ::sigh:: Saturday morning i woke up at like 8 30 cause i had to watch Ben and Garrett Rockwell....but i let Em sleep! They left around 11 30 or 12 and then me and Em went to Jamba Juice and Target so she could get some Christmas shopping done. Taylor also had a basketball game on Saturday as well, and it started at 5 so we left around 3 to get her there an hour early to practice with her team, after we stopped at Burger King and then i got dropped off at Whitney's to babysit Ben and Garrett again while they enjoyed a nice night out together. Ashleigh and Matt were with Grandma so it was all good. it was really easy especially since Ben was already in bed when i got there! YAY!! Sunday was fun cause i got to hand out invites to the LITES (Leaders In Training for Excellence for girls camp since i am the LITE secretary in the presidency its part of my job he he). Emily G also got me to bear my testimony in church, which by the way sacrament meeting ran a half hour longer than its supposed to because of all the people that bore their testimonies. lol well that night we went to my aunts house to celebrate her birthday with her, cause she kinda had a crappy birthday, because her husband didn't do anything special. poor girl! i love her though so we went and hung out and sang and had cake!
Auditions for the school musical are next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I'm nervous i just got the packet today so i have about a week to learn the monologue and song! AAH!! lol
well that's all the news and updates i have for now!! hopefully ill be back again soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sorry guys i don't have Internet so i stayed at school to jump on the computers there! i feel bad i haven't posted in a long while! i promise to update as soon as i get another chance! love you all a ton and miss you even more!
Danie Marie forever and for always!