Monday, December 8, 2008

Not much here!

Still no Internet, but i hopefully will get it back soon to update with more exciting news!
This weekend i didn't do much but i did have fun! Friday i had a concert in Monroe and we did really well. After my mom, Taylor, Emily G, and I went to applebees for half priced appetizers it was delicious! then me and em went to Shop Rite to get hair dye so i could dye her hair. we chose a nice golden brown and it looks really good on her! she slept over too and since we didn't start dying her hair until around 11 30 or so we didn't go to bed until like 1 30 or 2! ::sigh:: Saturday morning i woke up at like 8 30 cause i had to watch Ben and Garrett Rockwell....but i let Em sleep! They left around 11 30 or 12 and then me and Em went to Jamba Juice and Target so she could get some Christmas shopping done. Taylor also had a basketball game on Saturday as well, and it started at 5 so we left around 3 to get her there an hour early to practice with her team, after we stopped at Burger King and then i got dropped off at Whitney's to babysit Ben and Garrett again while they enjoyed a nice night out together. Ashleigh and Matt were with Grandma so it was all good. it was really easy especially since Ben was already in bed when i got there! YAY!! Sunday was fun cause i got to hand out invites to the LITES (Leaders In Training for Excellence for girls camp since i am the LITE secretary in the presidency its part of my job he he). Emily G also got me to bear my testimony in church, which by the way sacrament meeting ran a half hour longer than its supposed to because of all the people that bore their testimonies. lol well that night we went to my aunts house to celebrate her birthday with her, cause she kinda had a crappy birthday, because her husband didn't do anything special. poor girl! i love her though so we went and hung out and sang and had cake!
Auditions for the school musical are next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I'm nervous i just got the packet today so i have about a week to learn the monologue and song! AAH!! lol
well that's all the news and updates i have for now!! hopefully ill be back again soon!

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emily said...

I am way excited about coming home too, minus the minor surgical procedure and getting myself from Newark to New Bruswick...I am glad though...I promise!