Friday, December 19, 2008

Research Scandal

I'm in school right now in my British Literature class and we are in the media center learning how to do research for the millionth time in my life! ::sigh::
I'm being a very scandalous girl right now instead of listening to the lecture i am blogging... WOOT!
Research sucks!
We are researching Macbeth...sounds fun huh? we are reading the book after break. it stinks!
Auditions for the musical were this week. i think i did pretty well. the cast list is supposed to go up today but we probably wont have after school stuff so they won't put it up until Monday which stinks! i wanna know if i got in!! UGH!
well i better go be a good girl now and listen, before i get caught! ::GASP!::
I have Internet now so i will be starting to blog again!
til next time!
Danie Marie


Tinney Tribe! said...

i love to read your blogs! you are very talented. i love you~

Scarbrough Family said...

So sorry you hate the play McBeth. I love it. esp Lady McBeth. Maybe reading the book...umm dang the name slipped my mind. I will have to ask the Sr. English teacher here in SJ what the name of the book was. It was so so good. It told the story of McBeth from her point of veiw. I think it would help you... maybe?