Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Preschool Update

Sorry it's been a while folks!! i pretty much fail at keeping up with this thing...i was really good at first, but i have no clue what happened. he he
So there's not much to say, but let me think hm.....

okay so i guess ill update it's been about a month into my senior year of high school and i am so ready to graduate! My schedule is pretty easy, my favorite class is preschool! O M double goodness!! it is sooo much fun! we sing songs and do arts and crafts -i love it!! i can not wait until all the chillens come....they come on October 20Th so soon! oh and we picked our kids yesterday, i have Emma and she is about 4 and i cant wait to meet her she sounds adorable!!

i also like my English class but mostly cause i like the teacher... i had her last year too for junior English, she going to be writing my college recommendation too! Concert Choir is SO much different this year only a few same people from last year, and A LOT of new ones. i think i am getting used to it and we aren't the worst ever, i guess we could be worse! ha ha

so i don't know what else to tell y'all...
oh yeah me and Taylor went to Arizona at the end of august to visit cousins and family and stuffs we had a blast and were definitely NOT ready to come home, but the cool air here was a relief from the over 100 degree weather there, although i didn't enjoy the humidity when we stepped off the airplane that stunk!

ill get some pics up as soon as i remember too of that trip and of my little girl when she comes!!

love always,
Danie Marie

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Babyaholic

Today we were at Mandy's house cause Whitney and my Mom were making frozen dinners and stuff, so me and Taylor went to help with ALL the children. It wasn't so bad. surprisingly relaxing the kids mostly kept themselves busy, but not in trouble! YAY!
Although Ashleigh got stung by a bee the kids were out of harms way and they all fell asleep in the car on the way home. Tiring day playing with cousins!
Goodness I sound like a mother posting about her day with the chillens! wow! I cant wait to be a mom though. I love it...okay I WILL wait but I love the connection moms have with their kids.
The kids love their mom no matter what and they always will! I can definitely wait for the hours in labor, but not the REWARD for the suffering! I absolutely LOVE kids, they are all I live for! ask Whitney, I will babysit for her anytime and I will hang out with her and the kids ALL day, that's what I've been doing most of the summer so far and its only been what a week!??
The kids I love so much!
HA HA! I already have names I love and everything for my kids! I like Anna Lee, Dannilynn, Mattie Rae, Emma Marie, Connor Fredrick, Cody Rae, Cory Dale and Corbin Lee... see their beautiful! I probably wont use all of them of course! I will probably stop at 4, cause after that is just too much!

I even made 6 babies on Facebook!


Mattie Rae

Emma Marie

Connor Fredrick

Cory Dale

Anna Lee
Any way, when we left Mandy's around three, Taylor and I went over to Whit's to swim, which lucky us it started get cold and cloudy right as we got in...we stayed but not for very long!
After we all got dry and dressed, Taylor, Whitney and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic which was SOOO cute! I loved it! he he

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The post you've all been waiting for!

So a long month has gone by and lots has happened. apparently last time i posted was before i went on my Phillie trip with concert choir. Well great news....WE WON!! we got best choir in our choral division, best musical group over all the bands, chorus and schools that participated, and almost perfect score by the judges which is a separate award if you get a 95 or were awesome! YAY!

(me and marissa, with charolotte in the front, we didnt mean to match i promise!!)

(on the ghost tour it was fun but scary!!)

(on the way to preform, im so hott!)

(i stole my friends camara and took many pics like this one!)

(and this one...this is alana shes adorable!)

We also went to Rutgers choral festival against other NJ schools and we weren't competing but we got a perfect score..which is the highest you can get...i think.

(the auditorium at rutgers)
school is almost over we have 2 full days next week, no school Wednesday and then finals until the 24th which are all half days...i think that's like 7 days left! whoa!

I'm going to be a senior next year! holy crapola! i cant wait!! all the privileges and the fact that its my last year in high school! WOOT! i get to park/drive to school, i get to go in late, i get to have my own section in the cafeteria, and best of all being the oldest in the school! POWER!! yesss
There is also only like 2 months until girls camp! 3 meetings left! we gotta get things all together and really ready for that week! phew...that's alot! but ill make it!

well...with all that good news there's not much room for any bad...on a not so happy note but not too love life is non existent. no crushes no guys no boys no relationships oh well i don't need one!! after a few bad falls with no one doing any catching, i think I'm pretty much done for now.....well unless some one moves into our ward or school and is amazing and likes me, but i don't think that's gonna happen!

Life's moving on and so am i! stay strong life is long!

and thus, i leave you with a poem

What is there inside of me?
What has taken over my soul?
What did you even see?
A heart that was never whole.
My life incomplete.
My heart all crumbled.
You walked down my street,
And i stumbled.

You restored my light.
Gave my life a purpose.
Your love so bright,
your beauty was just a plus.

Now you are gone.
My soul is lost.
My heart is withdrawn.
Never the same where you crossed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A poetic update

wow its been awhile since I've posted!
nothing too interesting has been going is school church is church and life is life
i am going to Phili this weekend for a concert choir competition.
its gonna be a blast I'm so excited!!
The ride ~ Danie Marie

Lost in those eyes
blue like the skies
A magical carousel ride
in the tide of the ocean
The sweet whisper of wind floating in the distance
the distance between life and a fantasy
Trying to grasp the idea of together
gripping the end of an unraveling love
The ties break loose and all is undone
Falling deep into a lonely slumber
Not waking would be great,
all so soon the light pokes at eyelids
The heart crying for attention
The skin crawling for affection
Lost in this maze
can't fight this dark daze
The loneliness is too much
gotta move on
gotta be strong
suddenly the wind of change sweeps by
the smell of mem'ries forgotten
longing to hold what the heart so desires
To get lost in those eyes
blue like the skies

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life and God

Rain, pouring on my window.

That soothing sound.

Flashed of lightning and rumbles of thunder,

Just like my life right now.

The stabbing pain I endure everyday.

But it’s nothing new.

Faces passing by,

Not knowing I exist.

Losing all battles,

Against my friends or peers.

Just because I am not perfect.

Just because.

My life slipping away, Day by day,

No one seems to know.

Or even just care.

Can't they see?

My tear stained cheeks,

My watery eyes,

Or even me.

Treading water,

Trying to keep my head from

The ice cold death

Waiting for me down below.

Color, draining from my face.

Running and mixing into the water.

Farther, farther down I go.

My bubbles breaking at the surface.

Then there were none.....

When troubles get you down...dont give up! get down on your knees and ask for help! God is there and will always be! No matter how big or small your troubles might seem! He's waiting to help but you need to ask, so give him a chance and recieve his love! Hes more than god, hes your best friend, a shoulder to cry on and a father as well. His arms will gently hold you in your troubled times,
and his love will surround you in your whole life from beginning to end! God loves you as does his son. Their love will never leave you! They are waiting for you to pray! ask for their help and they will answer, just have faith that all will get better!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hectic Chorus Friend!!

Hey fellow bloggers! Its been hectic in the life of Danie Marie.
I have been after school with drama almost everyday, and I've been losing sleep and I'm sick!
OH! and i have a chorus concert tonight!
(this isn't really my high school but i wish we had an auditorium like this that would be HOTT!! And they look very professional! he he)
its for school like the high school concert, not with other schools. I'm actually still at school waiting for my friend to get done with Spanish honors society, hey wait shes here! lol well I'm going to her house to hang out before the concert and do home work!!
Ill update you later on how it all went!
signing out!
Danie Marie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ready for a New Year!

2009 is here and I'm ready to rock!! license, wedding, musical, job, gym, senior year, girls camp 09, lite program!!, summer 09, I AM SO FREAKING READY!! WOOT!!

Have a great new year everyone!