Saturday, June 13, 2009

The post you've all been waiting for!

So a long month has gone by and lots has happened. apparently last time i posted was before i went on my Phillie trip with concert choir. Well great news....WE WON!! we got best choir in our choral division, best musical group over all the bands, chorus and schools that participated, and almost perfect score by the judges which is a separate award if you get a 95 or were awesome! YAY!

(me and marissa, with charolotte in the front, we didnt mean to match i promise!!)

(on the ghost tour it was fun but scary!!)

(on the way to preform, im so hott!)

(i stole my friends camara and took many pics like this one!)

(and this one...this is alana shes adorable!)

We also went to Rutgers choral festival against other NJ schools and we weren't competing but we got a perfect score..which is the highest you can get...i think.

(the auditorium at rutgers)
school is almost over we have 2 full days next week, no school Wednesday and then finals until the 24th which are all half days...i think that's like 7 days left! whoa!

I'm going to be a senior next year! holy crapola! i cant wait!! all the privileges and the fact that its my last year in high school! WOOT! i get to park/drive to school, i get to go in late, i get to have my own section in the cafeteria, and best of all being the oldest in the school! POWER!! yesss
There is also only like 2 months until girls camp! 3 meetings left! we gotta get things all together and really ready for that week! phew...that's alot! but ill make it!

well...with all that good news there's not much room for any bad...on a not so happy note but not too love life is non existent. no crushes no guys no boys no relationships oh well i don't need one!! after a few bad falls with no one doing any catching, i think I'm pretty much done for now.....well unless some one moves into our ward or school and is amazing and likes me, but i don't think that's gonna happen!

Life's moving on and so am i! stay strong life is long!

and thus, i leave you with a poem

What is there inside of me?
What has taken over my soul?
What did you even see?
A heart that was never whole.
My life incomplete.
My heart all crumbled.
You walked down my street,
And i stumbled.

You restored my light.
Gave my life a purpose.
Your love so bright,
your beauty was just a plus.

Now you are gone.
My soul is lost.
My heart is withdrawn.
Never the same where you crossed.


Tinney Tribe! said...

BRAVO MY SWEETNESS! on winning and the great additude on love! It sucks anyways. I love you tons!

emily said...

There comes great strength in learning to catch ones self and great satisfaction in that independence. Do note however, that a large part of our lives are spent relying on others, which is okay as long as when they are gone we can rely on ourselves.

Lesli said...

I love you and miss you Dani! you are awesome!