Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Babyaholic

Today we were at Mandy's house cause Whitney and my Mom were making frozen dinners and stuff, so me and Taylor went to help with ALL the children. It wasn't so bad. surprisingly relaxing the kids mostly kept themselves busy, but not in trouble! YAY!
Although Ashleigh got stung by a bee the kids were out of harms way and they all fell asleep in the car on the way home. Tiring day playing with cousins!
Goodness I sound like a mother posting about her day with the chillens! wow! I cant wait to be a mom though. I love it...okay I WILL wait but I love the connection moms have with their kids.
The kids love their mom no matter what and they always will! I can definitely wait for the hours in labor, but not the REWARD for the suffering! I absolutely LOVE kids, they are all I live for! ask Whitney, I will babysit for her anytime and I will hang out with her and the kids ALL day, that's what I've been doing most of the summer so far and its only been what a week!??
The kids I love so much!
HA HA! I already have names I love and everything for my kids! I like Anna Lee, Dannilynn, Mattie Rae, Emma Marie, Connor Fredrick, Cody Rae, Cory Dale and Corbin Lee... see their beautiful! I probably wont use all of them of course! I will probably stop at 4, cause after that is just too much!

I even made 6 babies on Facebook!


Mattie Rae

Emma Marie

Connor Fredrick

Cory Dale

Anna Lee
Any way, when we left Mandy's around three, Taylor and I went over to Whit's to swim, which lucky us it started get cold and cloudy right as we got in...we stayed but not for very long!
After we all got dry and dressed, Taylor, Whitney and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic which was SOOO cute! I loved it! he he


Love Lorri said...

You are an amazing young lady and I am so glad your my LITTLE girl!!! Dont grow up too fast, your old for so long, enjoy young!
You are Terrific with kids...they are attracted to you like a bug zapper! LOL!
hugs and kisses! love your mommy!

Tinney Tribe! said...

Dani, Oh my gosh! You are going to be such a Wonderful Mom! Once your a mom you are forever a MOM, so take your time and enjoy your youth! I see why your mom is so proud of YOU! You are an amazing Young Woman! I love you so very much and I hope to see you soon! I love you!