Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six Halloween Pictures!

I'm sorry i haven't updated in almost two weeks! its been kinda crazy...and I've been lazy too! lol

well.....last weekend i went to fright fest at 6 flags!

it was SO much fun! i went with my mom, Whitney, and Matthew! he is the cutest boy EVER! i love him so much!! i kept teaching to do "you got it dude!" with the thumbs up! he didn't get it a couple times, but he kept trying and he got it! lol he is so cute when he does it! i went on a lot of the kiddy rides that i could with him. we had a blast. Me and whit also went on dark night while my mom took Matt to wiggles world! It was pretty awesome actually! everyone made it out to be such a bomb...i had no expectations for it so it turned out a TON better than i thought! i had fun! woot!

Saturday, was the ward Halloween party at the church. i went as black mail...i dressed up in black and had a postage stamp, and a to and from sign....nobody really got it until i told them cause i had white sleeves...which was okay! i didn't care really it was a two second thing that i thought of (looked up online) right before we left! he he

Sunday i wasn't feeling very well....i have a problem down the bladder....okay okay i have a bladder infection.....(urinary tract infection) it sucks and HURTS like NO tomorrow!! ::sigh:: i went home early from church so that i wasn't rushing to the bathroom every 5 seconds....oh well! i think I'm getting over it now though...its getting much better!! WOOT! this week isn't very eventful....its just a normal boring week! except for Halloween on Friday!
next week we have a full week off from school!
I'm going to Idaho to visit Arli and her fiance but mostly my BFF Emily! I'm staying with Emily most of the time!! he he were going to PARTAE!! i leave on Tuesday the 4th and I'm SO excited! i want to go RIGHT now!! well ill just have to wait!! ::sigh::

sorry i never got any pictures from the Halloween party i went to with ash we never got to take any! ::stink:: i will get pics from six flags though! i have a bunch from there! woot!

i hoped you enjoyed my rambling, crazy week! see you next time on ABSOLUTELY DANIE MARIE

Friday, October 17, 2008

sick puppy

wow its been quite a long while since my last post! sorry for you blog followers!! i tried!! hehe

these past couple weeks Ive been catching up on homework and stiff. you know because of my bronchitis which i was out of school for a week because of! ::sigh:: well....something mysterious occurred this past week....

Getting in the spirit of Halloween, something fishy is happening to my body!! since i got bronchitis Ive been suffering from a pain in my right it has taken over my whole back!! i can barely move, let alone sit straight! i went to a acupuncture and holistic medicine place and they put needles in my back and massaged me too! although the massage was very good and felt REALLY good.....i am still suffering from this mysterious back pain...and it wont leave me alone!! make it go away!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

any way! so tonight, i had the opportunity to attend an elementary school Halloween bash!! grades k-5! there were some pretty cute kids there i have to say! but the cutest kid i saw there was a little girl...and she so happened to be the one i attended with!! she was a puppy fog Dalmatian, i was another Dalmatian....and her dear mother was Cruella Devile! This beautiful, smart, cute, adorable, almost 6 year old, is my dear, little "sister" Ashleigh Belle Rockwell!! okay okay so shes not REALLY my sister, but she is basically one!! i hang out with her, and try to teach her things, help her, comfort her! i try to be a good big sister to that little girl! i love her so much she is SO cute!!! we had fun tonight! we danced ate cupcakes, did puzzles played bingo and after the partae we headed over to Baskin Robins for ice cream! i downed a chocolate with banana milk shake and she mangled vanilla ice cream with sprinkles in a sugar cone! at around 10 o clock i returned home partied out and ready for a shower, since i admit i did sweat a little bit dancing in that crowded gym and i also had eye liner on my nose for the dog effect! So i went to the bathroom, undressed, opened the shower turned on the faucet made a weird gurgling sound....and that's when it hit me.....i wish the water had but no! i forgot that my dad had to replace the water I'm guessing that involves taking ALL the water away. so since the shower idea was obviously out i quickly redressed and wiped the nose off my face and returned to my room......extremely disappointed!

Now here i sit....out of things to say and i think ill resort to sleep since sleep is my best friend!

ill get pictures of me, ash and whit at the party tonight at some point hopefully soon! well....until next time! peace out!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So this weekend is General conference! woot! we can actually watch it comfortably at home!! I'm so happy! we don't have to go to the church any more!! yay!!! I did absolutely nothing yesterday, except school and watch Extreme Makeover : home edition! i cried yep! like a baby! its such a sad show, but happy tears too!! hehe

Later On


So i didn't get to finish earlier so ill finish now!!

Conference was good! there were a lot of good scriptures as well.

Before conference my mom and i went to Shop Rite and Sam's club!! i love going to Sam's!!

There is always good food....and good stuff to look at! i got a great massage courtesy of the massage chair they had set up for me....and i had a mozzarella paninie(sp?), raviolis and sausage soup, organic chocolate milk and a coke icee!!

I absolutely LOVE coke icees! OH FREAKING BOY!! They are AMAZING!!

I would have pictures of MY stuff to put on my blog, phone is dead and the charger is COMPLETELY broken to no repair!! oh and i cant get a new phone until i have 50 bucks, but poor me doesn't have a stinking job!! babysitting anyone??? i for serious need to get a job NOW!!!! ::sigh:: so all these pics are from.....

During intermission my mom, Taylor and i went to commerce to deposit some mula.

I HATE driving through the drive through at commerce cause its so tiny going around the building! uggh!

The rest of conference was good! there were some funny stories and good advice!
Anyway....after conference my mom, Tay and i went to Sister smith's house for ice cream and brownies...cause the guys have the priesthood session and the girls are left out.....::tear:: so we hung out there! it was a lot of fun!

We got home around 10 45 and i was way tired and have/ had a headache so i decided to take a nice hot, calming shower...i would've taken a bath except our bath tub is broken, and i would've been in there A LOT longer than a shower cause eventually the hot water in the shower runs out and that's when i get out!! hehe!

So now I'm sitting here at 11 45 one hour after i got home and I'm exhausted! SO I'm going to head off to BED! i love sleep and my pillow is calling my name! so

Good night everyone and i hope you'll join me next time for some more adventures!!