Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six Halloween Pictures!

I'm sorry i haven't updated in almost two weeks! its been kinda crazy...and I've been lazy too! lol

well.....last weekend i went to fright fest at 6 flags!

it was SO much fun! i went with my mom, Whitney, and Matthew! he is the cutest boy EVER! i love him so much!! i kept teaching to do "you got it dude!" with the thumbs up! he didn't get it a couple times, but he kept trying and he got it! lol he is so cute when he does it! i went on a lot of the kiddy rides that i could with him. we had a blast. Me and whit also went on dark night while my mom took Matt to wiggles world! It was pretty awesome actually! everyone made it out to be such a bomb...i had no expectations for it so it turned out a TON better than i thought! i had fun! woot!

Saturday, was the ward Halloween party at the church. i went as black mail...i dressed up in black and had a postage stamp, and a to and from sign....nobody really got it until i told them cause i had white sleeves...which was okay! i didn't care really it was a two second thing that i thought of (looked up online) right before we left! he he

Sunday i wasn't feeling very well....i have a problem down the bladder....okay okay i have a bladder infection.....(urinary tract infection) it sucks and HURTS like NO tomorrow!! ::sigh:: i went home early from church so that i wasn't rushing to the bathroom every 5 seconds....oh well! i think I'm getting over it now though...its getting much better!! WOOT! this week isn't very eventful....its just a normal boring week! except for Halloween on Friday!
next week we have a full week off from school!
I'm going to Idaho to visit Arli and her fiance but mostly my BFF Emily! I'm staying with Emily most of the time!! he he were going to PARTAE!! i leave on Tuesday the 4th and I'm SO excited! i want to go RIGHT now!! well ill just have to wait!! ::sigh::

sorry i never got any pictures from the Halloween party i went to with ash we never got to take any! ::stink:: i will get pics from six flags though! i have a bunch from there! woot!

i hoped you enjoyed my rambling, crazy week! see you next time on ABSOLUTELY DANIE MARIE

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emily said...

You finally posted!! Go Danie!!