Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Idaho Adventure!!

As some may know i am now in snowy, Rexburg, Idaho!!
i arrived safe and sound on Tuesday, election day!! My flight departed at 7 o clock Tuesday morning and i got to salt lake at 10. I then had to endure a 4 hour bus ride from Salt Lake Mormon City to BYU Idaho in Rexburg!! okay so the trip wasn't that bad, i slept most of the way and i stared out the window at all the beautiful scenery! i wish i had a camera so i could take pictures of all the mountains, but i unfortunately do not! ::sigh::
Arli picked me up from the hart building where the shuttle dropped me off and then we went to her apartment to await the arrival of my best friend Emily Kinghorn! when Emily arrived we headed out to pick up Jake and then Arli dropped me and em at Emily's apartment so we could drop my things off, and hang out!! Emily made chicken broccoli casserole and it was VERY yummy. we were supposed to go hang out at Emily's friends apartment but they got back late and i was very tired and passed out before they got back...JET LAG!! lol
Well i awoke at 7 30 on Wednesday because it was like 9 30 back in jersey and i couldn't go back to sleep. i woke Emily up at 8 30....mwhahaha!
Arli had work all day in Idaho Falls and Emily had class from 11 30 to like 2 ish! then we hung out and ate lunch then she had another class at 3 15 in the ricks so i went along to get on Emily's laptop while she endured her hour long class.

After she got out we made our long journey to Broulim's the grocery store. the walk was very cold and long...okay so it wasn't that bad on the way down but on the way back....well you'll have to make the trip for yourselves!! he he
Well after we checked out there was a JAMBA JUICE next door so we stopped and got some even though it was freezing outside! lol oh well it was YUMMY!!

After we crawled in the door to Emily's apartment we made chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and peas and ate a very satisfying dinner!! then we headed over to Emily's friends apartment and watched Disturbia and talked! they were very cool!! i liked them! lol
Then we stopped back at Emily's to get more jackets cause it was a bit cooler than we thought it would be and we were SUPPOSED to go to Jake's apartment to hang out with Arli and him, but when i called to let them know we were coming they were sleeping!! losers! so tonight we are going to go over and have chicken enchiladas with them and Suzy!! partae! if only they don't fall asleep! lol

Emily has no classes today cause they got cancelled so were gunna hang out and party, and maybe go hang out at Bri and Shauna's again....(Emily's friends lol)
So right now Emily's procrastinating doing her hw and I'm writing this!! but now I'm going to go beat her up!! lol

Tune in later for more updates about my crazy adventure in snowy IDAHO!


Lesli said...
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Lesli said...

That is so cool you got to go to Idaho!! Okay, now update us...did you meet any cute boys? Did you get to spend any time with Arli? Send some pics!! Love and miss you!
Auntie lesli

Danie Marie said...

no i didnt meet any cute boys yes i did get to hang out with arli and i met her fiances family! and i made her and jake and suzy and my bff emily chicken enchiladas for dinner on thursday!! i had so much fun but no pics! i know it stinks! i dont have a camera...even on my phone! ::sigh:: i love and miss you gyuys too!! ttys!!

Lesli said...

Hey! That's what you can ask Santa for Christmas, a camera! (I will remind her... I mean him!) I'm glad you had a great time, maybe you can go back for Christmas vacation!!
Love Auntie
p.s. that is so crazy what happened that night! Just your luck! :o)