Sunday, November 16, 2008

Idaho Adventure PT.2 The Journey Home

Idaho was so much fun! i almost cried getting on the plane watching the mountains get smaller and smaller.....
I eventually arrived after my flight in cincinatti got delayed an hour, and i didnt arrive at JFK until like 11 then it took forever for the luggage to come out...THEN i told my dad the wrong terminal pick up place i was in Terminal 2 and i told him terminal 3! ::sigh:: so i headed home, but 5 minutes away from my beloved bed, my dad got pulled over! ugh! apparently they did a random license plate check and the car is registered to my dad, whose license happened to be suspended for some strange unknown reason! my dad claimed he payed the monthly surcharge but, the evil copper insisted that it was not and that it still said that he had a suspended license, so we had to call my mom to come get us, and the cop asked me if i could drive home, but i didnt have my permit with me AND my dads car is stick and i cant drive stick......(i really gotta learn!)
so my mom took my dads car and me and my dad ( i drove) took my moms car (which isnt stick). Unfortuanately the cops that pulled us over saw my mom driving the car (they couldnt see the driver) and pulled her over too. obviously they let her got cause her license isnt suspended. i finally made it home.....its 1 o clock and im BEAT!!!

My week went by pretty slowly i got back into the swing of things and it felt like i never left which was very sad cause i wanted to go back so bad!! ::sigh::

That sunday i had my first LITE presidency meeting for girls camp!! im so excited!! yay! we went at like 1 and had lunch then talked until like 4 ish and i didnt get home to take a nap....but i did go to bed REALLY early okay i think it was like 9 ish or later i dont remember!

Okay enough home now and nothing exciting is going on except LITE stuff that i have to do! the LITE stuff from now until august is going to take up 3/4ths of my life....if i get a job oh boy and what about if i get a part in the musical! ::HUMONGO SIGH:: well im taking a LONG nap now im so tired!! ill try to post everyday but no garentees!
signing out!

p.s. sorry no pictures i need a camera!! ::biggest sigh::
p.p.s hey christmas is coming......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

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emily said...

yeah for another post! that was quite the adventure you had that night...but at least you got home safe! come visit me again!!