Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution Party!

I'm so excited for 2009!! alot of stuff is happening this year that's going to be awesome! YAY!
For instance- i will get my license in approximately 25 days and 6 hours!! okay maybe more like 12 hours or something but still! anyway I'm way excited about that for sure! that's the highlight of my year! another thing though is Arli is getting married in 23 days and 6 hours! WOAH! lol never thought it would happen so soon and fast!
Next, i finish my junior year in High school and move on to be a senior!! WOW!! I'm getting old or something! haha
That's pretty much the highlights but I'm way excited for it all to begin! WOO!

I have some new year resolutions to put out here too...not to personal ones
1. Exercise more-go to the GYM!!

2. manage my time wisely (I'm going to be busy with a job, the gym, homework, school, the LITE program, and the school musical)

3. Make up seminary work(make sure i finish new testament, all scriptures memorized, get gold achievement award, make up missed seminary days)

4. pray more, read scriptures more, and work harder on building my testimony

5. Work harder in school! get better grades!
those are enough for now i think hehe
Tonight the young women and young men are having a new years eve party and we are celebrating at the church playing games and stuff!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sleepy Dancing Fun!!

The dance last night was fun!! Church dances are always a blast! I mean they are SO lively and everyone is just workin it!! (sarcasm intended) But, yes is was alot of fun a lot of my friends went and i danced and of course me being the most outgoing in the ward got all of our ward to dance well at least the girls....the boys are impossible! lol I also danced with that guy Alex from a while ago... was kinda awkward but i kept it or at least tried to keep it very casual so he wouldn't think i still or liked him again!(that wouldn't turn out well) i asked about school, his "new"girly friend (once then quickly ended cause i didn't wanna sound jealous or anything) and told him about me getting a part in the play and about driving in a month! then when the dance ended i said thanks for dancing with me and walked away. i tried to keep the conversation going so there were no awkward silences.....of course there might have been a few but i think it went quite well! I'm proud! :)
So anyway. i had fun! BUT....... the best part of the night was when Emily K my bff slept over.

She got back from Idaho about a week or two ago and we haven't been able to hang out but she got to sleepover last night i had a ball....we stayed up late and talked about EVERYTHING!! it was fun! i love her to death!
At midnight we went in Taylor's room(she was still up with a friend too) and jumped on her and sang happy birthday since today is her birthday!

Poor girl threw up thrice today though! we didn't get to go to build a bear like we do every year and she was in pain cause she has a tooth ache! she did get a blessing tonight though we had some people over and the men gave her a blessing which was nice.....hope she feels better!
Well I'm beat.... so I'm gonna crash! One more week of 9 30 church then i get to sleep til NOON!! WOOT! I'm so excited!!! YAY!!
Danie Marie

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time

So i had a wonderful Christmas!! I got alot of presnets!!

i got rain boots an i pod, an i home, clothes, and jewelry!! it was awesome! i also got sheets and a comforter for my bed and they're RED! my favorite color!! woot! i haven't had a lot of time to post recently! i did get into the play!! Urine Town!! I'm a poor person! its a small part but at least I'm in it!! lol I'm really excited!

we don't go back to school until the 5Th which is pretty sweet!! lots of time off!
There's a dance tonight

that I'm excited for and we have a LITE presidency meeting before!

well I'm babysitting Ben right now and hes stuck at the bottom of my bed so I'm going to help him! ill post another time and tell you how the dance goes!!
love always,
Danie Marie

Friday, December 19, 2008

Research Scandal

I'm in school right now in my British Literature class and we are in the media center learning how to do research for the millionth time in my life! ::sigh::
I'm being a very scandalous girl right now instead of listening to the lecture i am blogging... WOOT!
Research sucks!
We are researching Macbeth...sounds fun huh? we are reading the book after break. it stinks!
Auditions for the musical were this week. i think i did pretty well. the cast list is supposed to go up today but we probably wont have after school stuff so they won't put it up until Monday which stinks! i wanna know if i got in!! UGH!
well i better go be a good girl now and listen, before i get caught! ::GASP!::
I have Internet now so i will be starting to blog again!
til next time!
Danie Marie

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not much here!

Still no Internet, but i hopefully will get it back soon to update with more exciting news!
This weekend i didn't do much but i did have fun! Friday i had a concert in Monroe and we did really well. After my mom, Taylor, Emily G, and I went to applebees for half priced appetizers it was delicious! then me and em went to Shop Rite to get hair dye so i could dye her hair. we chose a nice golden brown and it looks really good on her! she slept over too and since we didn't start dying her hair until around 11 30 or so we didn't go to bed until like 1 30 or 2! ::sigh:: Saturday morning i woke up at like 8 30 cause i had to watch Ben and Garrett Rockwell....but i let Em sleep! They left around 11 30 or 12 and then me and Em went to Jamba Juice and Target so she could get some Christmas shopping done. Taylor also had a basketball game on Saturday as well, and it started at 5 so we left around 3 to get her there an hour early to practice with her team, after we stopped at Burger King and then i got dropped off at Whitney's to babysit Ben and Garrett again while they enjoyed a nice night out together. Ashleigh and Matt were with Grandma so it was all good. it was really easy especially since Ben was already in bed when i got there! YAY!! Sunday was fun cause i got to hand out invites to the LITES (Leaders In Training for Excellence for girls camp since i am the LITE secretary in the presidency its part of my job he he). Emily G also got me to bear my testimony in church, which by the way sacrament meeting ran a half hour longer than its supposed to because of all the people that bore their testimonies. lol well that night we went to my aunts house to celebrate her birthday with her, cause she kinda had a crappy birthday, because her husband didn't do anything special. poor girl! i love her though so we went and hung out and sang and had cake!
Auditions for the school musical are next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I'm nervous i just got the packet today so i have about a week to learn the monologue and song! AAH!! lol
well that's all the news and updates i have for now!! hopefully ill be back again soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sorry guys i don't have Internet so i stayed at school to jump on the computers there! i feel bad i haven't posted in a long while! i promise to update as soon as i get another chance! love you all a ton and miss you even more!
Danie Marie forever and for always!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Bad Song

Bad days stink! Today was another bad day! :( i have had a headache, cramps and a stomach ache ALL day!! ::tear:: nothing exciting happened today! I'm sorry i don't have an exciting post for you all today, but i promise next time will be better! ill just share a few songs i like...first there is Strong Enough by Stacie Orrico...

its awesome!

Next is Warwick Avenue by Duffy...

(she also sings Mercy!) i love this song too!!

And lastly there is Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat....

I have no words.....except listen to the song and you'll see what i mean!

That's all for today folks see ya next time!

Monday, November 17, 2008

One Bad Question!

yay!! I'm posting the next day!! woot!!
Has anyone ever had a bad day?

Today was a bad day for me! i woke up late, so i couldn't do my hair like i wanted to, and i was tired ALL day! i didn't finish reading St. Luke last night cause i was tired...but i really wanna finish! UGH! During gym we had to do the pacer! for those old people that might not know what that is....we have to run back and forth between two cones and go to a beep that gets faster and faster...this year we have to do as many as we can but i unfortunately only made it to about 18, one because i was tired and wasn't in the mood for running and two because for you ladies that understand, i received my period RIGHT before going in the gym to run.....AND i had ABSOLUTELY nothing with me! So i reluctantly ran 18 laps, and when i finished i was 10 times more tired than i was previous to the pacer and i had BAD cramps!! YAY ME!! When we changed to go to our next class, i asked a hundred people and finally one of my friends had a womanly product and i was saved....well, from not having any womanly products at least, i did still have cramps! ::sigh::

Tonight One Tee Hill was on......i wont give anything away for those who missed it....well okay i wont TRY to give anything away! was weird. it was a dream that Lucas has when he falls asleep waiting for Peyton to come home, and it was like set around the Vietnam war. It was really odd, and Peyton dies but, he wakes up when she calls him in REAL life and tells him shes running later than she thought....okay anyway I'm going to have to watch it online again to fully understand what went on, but i think it was just one of those episodes that they didn't know what to write so they made a corny one to fill up weeks. lol that's my opinion anyway. Any one else's opinions are welcome if you watch the show! i love it!! it makes me happy he he

so I'm gunna start something new......on every post....(if i remember lol) I'm going to update a question will be random questions i choose from a jar that i got when i was like 8, but i have never used them, and there are some good questions. so answer the question when you comment on my PLEASE COMMENT!!

Ill do the 1st question here then do the rest on the side....... so here it goes....

What's your favorite music group and why?

I'm out!! have a great night!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Idaho Adventure PT.2 The Journey Home

Idaho was so much fun! i almost cried getting on the plane watching the mountains get smaller and smaller.....
I eventually arrived after my flight in cincinatti got delayed an hour, and i didnt arrive at JFK until like 11 then it took forever for the luggage to come out...THEN i told my dad the wrong terminal pick up place i was in Terminal 2 and i told him terminal 3! ::sigh:: so i headed home, but 5 minutes away from my beloved bed, my dad got pulled over! ugh! apparently they did a random license plate check and the car is registered to my dad, whose license happened to be suspended for some strange unknown reason! my dad claimed he payed the monthly surcharge but, the evil copper insisted that it was not and that it still said that he had a suspended license, so we had to call my mom to come get us, and the cop asked me if i could drive home, but i didnt have my permit with me AND my dads car is stick and i cant drive stick......(i really gotta learn!)
so my mom took my dads car and me and my dad ( i drove) took my moms car (which isnt stick). Unfortuanately the cops that pulled us over saw my mom driving the car (they couldnt see the driver) and pulled her over too. obviously they let her got cause her license isnt suspended. i finally made it home.....its 1 o clock and im BEAT!!!

My week went by pretty slowly i got back into the swing of things and it felt like i never left which was very sad cause i wanted to go back so bad!! ::sigh::

That sunday i had my first LITE presidency meeting for girls camp!! im so excited!! yay! we went at like 1 and had lunch then talked until like 4 ish and i didnt get home to take a nap....but i did go to bed REALLY early okay i think it was like 9 ish or later i dont remember!

Okay enough home now and nothing exciting is going on except LITE stuff that i have to do! the LITE stuff from now until august is going to take up 3/4ths of my life....if i get a job oh boy and what about if i get a part in the musical! ::HUMONGO SIGH:: well im taking a LONG nap now im so tired!! ill try to post everyday but no garentees!
signing out!

p.s. sorry no pictures i need a camera!! ::biggest sigh::
p.p.s hey christmas is coming......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Idaho Adventure!!

As some may know i am now in snowy, Rexburg, Idaho!!
i arrived safe and sound on Tuesday, election day!! My flight departed at 7 o clock Tuesday morning and i got to salt lake at 10. I then had to endure a 4 hour bus ride from Salt Lake Mormon City to BYU Idaho in Rexburg!! okay so the trip wasn't that bad, i slept most of the way and i stared out the window at all the beautiful scenery! i wish i had a camera so i could take pictures of all the mountains, but i unfortunately do not! ::sigh::
Arli picked me up from the hart building where the shuttle dropped me off and then we went to her apartment to await the arrival of my best friend Emily Kinghorn! when Emily arrived we headed out to pick up Jake and then Arli dropped me and em at Emily's apartment so we could drop my things off, and hang out!! Emily made chicken broccoli casserole and it was VERY yummy. we were supposed to go hang out at Emily's friends apartment but they got back late and i was very tired and passed out before they got back...JET LAG!! lol
Well i awoke at 7 30 on Wednesday because it was like 9 30 back in jersey and i couldn't go back to sleep. i woke Emily up at 8 30....mwhahaha!
Arli had work all day in Idaho Falls and Emily had class from 11 30 to like 2 ish! then we hung out and ate lunch then she had another class at 3 15 in the ricks so i went along to get on Emily's laptop while she endured her hour long class.

After she got out we made our long journey to Broulim's the grocery store. the walk was very cold and long...okay so it wasn't that bad on the way down but on the way back....well you'll have to make the trip for yourselves!! he he
Well after we checked out there was a JAMBA JUICE next door so we stopped and got some even though it was freezing outside! lol oh well it was YUMMY!!

After we crawled in the door to Emily's apartment we made chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and peas and ate a very satisfying dinner!! then we headed over to Emily's friends apartment and watched Disturbia and talked! they were very cool!! i liked them! lol
Then we stopped back at Emily's to get more jackets cause it was a bit cooler than we thought it would be and we were SUPPOSED to go to Jake's apartment to hang out with Arli and him, but when i called to let them know we were coming they were sleeping!! losers! so tonight we are going to go over and have chicken enchiladas with them and Suzy!! partae! if only they don't fall asleep! lol

Emily has no classes today cause they got cancelled so were gunna hang out and party, and maybe go hang out at Bri and Shauna's again....(Emily's friends lol)
So right now Emily's procrastinating doing her hw and I'm writing this!! but now I'm going to go beat her up!! lol

Tune in later for more updates about my crazy adventure in snowy IDAHO!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six Halloween Pictures!

I'm sorry i haven't updated in almost two weeks! its been kinda crazy...and I've been lazy too! lol

well.....last weekend i went to fright fest at 6 flags!

it was SO much fun! i went with my mom, Whitney, and Matthew! he is the cutest boy EVER! i love him so much!! i kept teaching to do "you got it dude!" with the thumbs up! he didn't get it a couple times, but he kept trying and he got it! lol he is so cute when he does it! i went on a lot of the kiddy rides that i could with him. we had a blast. Me and whit also went on dark night while my mom took Matt to wiggles world! It was pretty awesome actually! everyone made it out to be such a bomb...i had no expectations for it so it turned out a TON better than i thought! i had fun! woot!

Saturday, was the ward Halloween party at the church. i went as black mail...i dressed up in black and had a postage stamp, and a to and from sign....nobody really got it until i told them cause i had white sleeves...which was okay! i didn't care really it was a two second thing that i thought of (looked up online) right before we left! he he

Sunday i wasn't feeling very well....i have a problem down the bladder....okay okay i have a bladder infection.....(urinary tract infection) it sucks and HURTS like NO tomorrow!! ::sigh:: i went home early from church so that i wasn't rushing to the bathroom every 5 seconds....oh well! i think I'm getting over it now though...its getting much better!! WOOT! this week isn't very eventful....its just a normal boring week! except for Halloween on Friday!
next week we have a full week off from school!
I'm going to Idaho to visit Arli and her fiance but mostly my BFF Emily! I'm staying with Emily most of the time!! he he were going to PARTAE!! i leave on Tuesday the 4th and I'm SO excited! i want to go RIGHT now!! well ill just have to wait!! ::sigh::

sorry i never got any pictures from the Halloween party i went to with ash we never got to take any! ::stink:: i will get pics from six flags though! i have a bunch from there! woot!

i hoped you enjoyed my rambling, crazy week! see you next time on ABSOLUTELY DANIE MARIE

Friday, October 17, 2008

sick puppy

wow its been quite a long while since my last post! sorry for you blog followers!! i tried!! hehe

these past couple weeks Ive been catching up on homework and stiff. you know because of my bronchitis which i was out of school for a week because of! ::sigh:: well....something mysterious occurred this past week....

Getting in the spirit of Halloween, something fishy is happening to my body!! since i got bronchitis Ive been suffering from a pain in my right it has taken over my whole back!! i can barely move, let alone sit straight! i went to a acupuncture and holistic medicine place and they put needles in my back and massaged me too! although the massage was very good and felt REALLY good.....i am still suffering from this mysterious back pain...and it wont leave me alone!! make it go away!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

any way! so tonight, i had the opportunity to attend an elementary school Halloween bash!! grades k-5! there were some pretty cute kids there i have to say! but the cutest kid i saw there was a little girl...and she so happened to be the one i attended with!! she was a puppy fog Dalmatian, i was another Dalmatian....and her dear mother was Cruella Devile! This beautiful, smart, cute, adorable, almost 6 year old, is my dear, little "sister" Ashleigh Belle Rockwell!! okay okay so shes not REALLY my sister, but she is basically one!! i hang out with her, and try to teach her things, help her, comfort her! i try to be a good big sister to that little girl! i love her so much she is SO cute!!! we had fun tonight! we danced ate cupcakes, did puzzles played bingo and after the partae we headed over to Baskin Robins for ice cream! i downed a chocolate with banana milk shake and she mangled vanilla ice cream with sprinkles in a sugar cone! at around 10 o clock i returned home partied out and ready for a shower, since i admit i did sweat a little bit dancing in that crowded gym and i also had eye liner on my nose for the dog effect! So i went to the bathroom, undressed, opened the shower turned on the faucet made a weird gurgling sound....and that's when it hit me.....i wish the water had but no! i forgot that my dad had to replace the water I'm guessing that involves taking ALL the water away. so since the shower idea was obviously out i quickly redressed and wiped the nose off my face and returned to my room......extremely disappointed!

Now here i sit....out of things to say and i think ill resort to sleep since sleep is my best friend!

ill get pictures of me, ash and whit at the party tonight at some point hopefully soon! well....until next time! peace out!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So this weekend is General conference! woot! we can actually watch it comfortably at home!! I'm so happy! we don't have to go to the church any more!! yay!!! I did absolutely nothing yesterday, except school and watch Extreme Makeover : home edition! i cried yep! like a baby! its such a sad show, but happy tears too!! hehe

Later On


So i didn't get to finish earlier so ill finish now!!

Conference was good! there were a lot of good scriptures as well.

Before conference my mom and i went to Shop Rite and Sam's club!! i love going to Sam's!!

There is always good food....and good stuff to look at! i got a great massage courtesy of the massage chair they had set up for me....and i had a mozzarella paninie(sp?), raviolis and sausage soup, organic chocolate milk and a coke icee!!

I absolutely LOVE coke icees! OH FREAKING BOY!! They are AMAZING!!

I would have pictures of MY stuff to put on my blog, phone is dead and the charger is COMPLETELY broken to no repair!! oh and i cant get a new phone until i have 50 bucks, but poor me doesn't have a stinking job!! babysitting anyone??? i for serious need to get a job NOW!!!! ::sigh:: so all these pics are from.....

During intermission my mom, Taylor and i went to commerce to deposit some mula.

I HATE driving through the drive through at commerce cause its so tiny going around the building! uggh!

The rest of conference was good! there were some funny stories and good advice!
Anyway....after conference my mom, Tay and i went to Sister smith's house for ice cream and brownies...cause the guys have the priesthood session and the girls are left out.....::tear:: so we hung out there! it was a lot of fun!

We got home around 10 45 and i was way tired and have/ had a headache so i decided to take a nice hot, calming shower...i would've taken a bath except our bath tub is broken, and i would've been in there A LOT longer than a shower cause eventually the hot water in the shower runs out and that's when i get out!! hehe!

So now I'm sitting here at 11 45 one hour after i got home and I'm exhausted! SO I'm going to head off to BED! i love sleep and my pillow is calling my name! so

Good night everyone and i hope you'll join me next time for some more adventures!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Coughing up my weekend!

So last post i wrote about my incredible night, when the dogs got out and i couldn't sleep! well around 5 30 i finally fell asleep!! WOOT! I spent the rest of the day procrastinating and being lazy!!
That night we took our skunkified dogs to get vaccinated and doggy tags at Petco. Lila got a red heart

Lila sleeping on my bed with her brand new dog tag isnt she beautiful!!!??)

and Zoey got a blue bone! they look AMAZING! I wanted to go to Cold stone for free ice cream but my mother did not allow it, and she was driving! arrgh!! Friday, i actually went to school!! OMG!! I got a lot less make up work than i thought i was going to get.....lets see;

1. algebra i got a packet and i have a test to make up at some point

2. health just notes and a test I'm taking on Thursday or Friday

3. piano just a easy packet due Friday

4. history none except secondary notebook and to fix an essay


6. dance nothing

7. Chem just notes and a test they took today, oh and i have to finish a lab

8. English they watched a movie all week and did a comparison to the book so i got excused from that and that was it

and finally....

9. Concert choir! we had a ice cream social on Friday and i got ICE CREAM which i wanted but did not receive the previous night!! woot! go concert choir!!

But that was it! surprisingly!

Friday night nick and i finally went out! i mean it only took like 2 months but we did it! we got blue Icee's which i paid for and saw Eagle eye which he paid for. The movie was AWESOME!!! it was so intense! after the movie we headed back to my house and just hung out and talked mostly!! which was nice! he is so amazing i love him! sorry Amy! he he jkjk

Saturday we went to the temple with the youth. that was fun, since i went to bed 4 and 1/2 hours before that! woot! but i had fun. I was first to go so that i could finish getting ready cause i take the longest!! he he It was also really spiritual i felt the spirit really strong, which made me hyper not reverent....not so good in the temple! he he

Afterwards we went across the street to the bake sale to get yummy food! i got a chocolate chip muffin and a brownie which i shared with Taylor and she got a banana nut muffin!

Saturday wasn't too eventful after the temple i slept and helped watch sis Engstrom's kids with my mom. It was pretty fun!

So we have finally reached Sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting which i had no clue about until 20 minutes into sacrament. whoops and in young women's the spotlight was on me...we have a girl do a spotlight every month on another girl, which they have chosen at random (from a bag with paper) and i was it this month!! i was SO happy because Christina Rankin got me dove chocolate with caramel and animal crackers and animal clips and lots of lotions and stuff!! YAY!!

(my basket currently devoured of its prettiness)

My family and i left early so that we could travel the hour trip to see my grandparents concert. My grandma conducts and my grandpa sings!! it was pretty fun! My grandma made it like an airplane ride around the world so they sang songs from different countries. "on the way home" she made lots of funny jokes my favorite was this one......

A Minneapolis couple decided to go to Florida to thaw out during a particularly icy winter. They planned to stay at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years before. Because of hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel schedules. So, the husband left Minneapolis and flew to Florida on Thursday, with his wife flying down the following day. The husband checked into the hotel, and unlike years ago, there was a computer in his room, so he decided to send an email to his wife. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her email address, and without noticing his error, sent the email. Meanwhile...somewhere in Houston, a widow had just returned home from her husband's funeral. He was a minister who was called home to glory after suffering a heart attack. The widow decided to check her email, expecting messages from relatives and friends. After reading the first message, she screamed and fainted. The widow's son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor, and they glanced up and saw the computer screen which read....

To: My Loving Wife

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2004

Subject: I have Arrived!

Dearest Love: I know you are surprised to hear from me. They have computers here now, and you are allowed to send emails to your loved ones. I have just arrived and have been checked in. I see that everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow, and look forward to seeing you then. Hope your journey is as uneventful as mine was.

PS: Sure is freaking hot down here!!


After the concert we ate sloppy Joe's and pasta salad at my grandparents house. We then made the hour long journey home ward. Although i enjoyed my beautiful and semi eventful yummy funny crazy weekend, i still am sick with bronchitis which because of i have been coughing and blowing my nose 500 times a day and i can practically blow my nose for like 5 minutes straight with a good amount of boogies coming out!! eww gross. My throat wants to die as well as my chest from the constant coughs! but ill get over it soon enough!

Today wasn't as eventful as my wonderful weekend, but i sure am glad that school is over cause we have off tomorrow and Wednesday!! WOOT!!

Check in again too see what other adventures and crazy stories i can come up with next!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Bird

It is approximately 4:24 am at the moment. yes on a school night!! but i do not think i am going to go tomorrow since i have been awake for like 2 hours and i still don't feel very well.....

I'm awake. At 2:30 my mother woke me up to see if the dogs were in my room! they weren't. i knew what that meant. My mom and dad then ran out the door to try and find them. they returned about an hour ago and still haven't got them! Now, after my mom woke me up i lied in bed trying to go back to sleep.......obviously that didn't happen. I couldn't get comfortable and my sides were hurting so that made it worse. I tried watching a movie, but the TV in the guest room wasn't working and so i decided that my computer would have to do.

i am kinda sleepy but i doubt sleep is going to come to me anytime sister will be up in an hour and i should be if i was going to go to seminary! But, I've just decided that going to school after being up from 2 30 in the morning, what is that.....4 1/2 hours of sleep..isn't a very good idea my teachers would probably think so too...i went to bed at like 10!! uggh!! being sick is messing my sleep pattern up!
My mom cut up some cantaloupe in the kitchen and its really good!
maybe ill go steal some more!! mmmmmhhh...

Not much else right now......I'm just awake. Okay this is getting really boring so maybe ill write!! lol

To find out if i ever go to sleep again! tune in later!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my mother, my sickness, my friend, and my baby

So, i awoke this morning to....."Aggggh!........DANIE?!?!?"

.......Little did i know it was my mother calling me from the bathroom in serious need of some womanly products..........

So i pretend to sleep a lil longer and eventually her cries for help drag me from the comfort of sleep into the potty room.

So bronchitis isn't fun! i am probably going to cough up a lung at some point tonight or in the day tomorrow. I am enjoying yet dying from the small vacation i have taken from school to recover from this serious illness....the doctor man says i need to rest!! (so does my sides and my chest and my throat!!! uggh) But as much as i am enjoying sleeping til noon and watching movies all day, i eventually must return to my life as a student, and catch up on some homework i am quite sure i am way behind in. Lucky for me, i have a 4 day weekend ahead, with plenty of time to complete the tasks ahead. If procrastination doesn't take over and i am left with a pile of studies on Tuesday night next week.

If anyone has had a best friend

3 years older than you and goes to college 2,000 miles away, then they know that i am practically dying right now. Yes i do get to speak to her like 24/7 but, that is not enough, i need the comforting arms of a best friend, and the silly faces she makes....oh wait that's her normal face! (haha just kidding em!) The next time i will see her gorgeous face is when she returns home from cold, snowy, windy, land of potatoes! december!!! She is now attempting to get a bachelors degree (in what.....i do not know,) in Mormon infested rexburg, Idaho, at BYU Idaho. Whoever thought of the name Idaho for a state must have been on drugs or something. i mean come on....I....DA....HO?!?!? who knows?!?! So anyway, Miss Emily no middle name Kinghorn is approximately too far away for us to hang out and see each other like everyday or at least every weekend. ::sigh:: I miss her terribly!! Phone conversations can only last as long as either, a) my mother can handle, b) when school/class starts, c) when either my hand or ear begin to fall off....and d) the fact that we are falling asleep and don't say much but uh huh and hm. So now that you know all about our interesting relationship I'm sure you'd like to know that the boy i was madly in like with is her younger brother......can you say all in the family.....if i married someone in that family though...we would be sister in laws and that would be like TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! (idk if i would wanna be a kinghorn though i mean theyre awesome and all but.....)

So i obviously didn't mention this in a previous blog but, Whitney had her baby boy!! Garret Kenton Rockwell!! He is so cute!! Holding him makes me want one.....but of course i have to wait until i am married and have at least some education and semi good job to support the poor child!! But he is SO cute. If i cant have a baby right now....a puppy would work!! ::cough mom cough:: hehe My dream dog is a little Yorkie girl!!

SO CUTE!! i will get little outfits and dresses for her to wear and put bows in her hair and love her till she gets fed up and runs away! lol jkjk i wont let her runaway!! i would love her too much! she might get mad sometimes and bite me though!! that would be sad!

well.....i probably should get to sleep in order to get better.

So join me next time on Absolutely Danie Marie!!

that's me!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love and Broken hearts

well.....I'm sitting here at my computer at 10:00 at night and I'm sick! I'm not going to seminary tomorrow....or school!!! ::sigh:: The dance this weekend was.....just a dance. Ive found some things out. First i found out that I'm done....done with waiting, crying, trying, wondering, and I'm done with him!!! its over. i don't care that he doesn't like me, or doesn't want to talk to me, or doesn't want to be my friend. Ive also found out that sometimes, you need to go through a trial to realize why it hurts you, and why you feel the way you do. Some people are just jerks. yeah he is an amazing person and i would still like to be his friend, but you know what!? i don't need him!! I'm finished with him. For the past year i have thought that eventually i would find someone who cares for me and likes me for me, and i thought i found that person. I told myself that i would become what ever person, girl, he wanted. I could be anything he wanted me to be!! But, changing who you are for someone who doesn't like you, or care about you....doesn't work, its not healthy. But, Ive realized that i want to be who i want to be, not who he wants me to be, I'm not going to change for him. I'm going to find myself, and then find someone who likes that person. If they don't like it they aren't worth it. And I'm mostly saying this so that a certain someone will understand that i am done! i want him to know that he can shove it up his butt!! There are some boys that want me to write about the dance last night, and how awful it was and how much i cried and how awkward it was dancing with him. Oh and they wanted him to not say a word to me the whole time so i would write it here!! but.....SURPRISE I'm not going to dwell on the horrible months in the past. Tomorrow is a new day. and can think what ever you want! i am over you! i don't need you i don't need your friends i don't need the disrespect, i do not need to....i don't deserve you!! i deserve much better!! YES he is an amazing person and i do want him to be happy cause how sad would that be if he never found anyone! so i wish him well.....i hope he finds someone that he can like, and that he will treat her well. When he reads this post if it be tonight, tomorrow night or sometime in the future i hope he understands the pain he caused me and the torture i put myself through, trying to be the best i can be for him!! i hope he feels guilty and will some day...when he matures and becomes a man and not a little boy anymore, he will apologize, because i hope he goes through broken hearts so he can truly understand the way i feel. I am not wishing anything bad on him, cause that's mean, but everyone needs to go through those things. I'll probably go through plenty more, but when i find that someone he will be the best and will love me back. i hope that is what you will eventually find too Alex. i wish you luck! Oh and to Jacob, Ben, and who ever else reads this to look for all the bad things ill say, grow up!! respect girls they don't deserve the crap you give them, if you want to be with someone cause obviously it hasn't worked so far, just respect them, don't be mean, its not attractive.

Girls....look for some one who truly cares, not someone who lies and cheats. You are beautiful and you deserve the best. Find that someone who makes you feel special and loved.......EVERYDAY. Don't change who you are for a stupid ignorant little boy! Be yourself and find some one who likes that!! Do what you want not what they want. At the first sign of disrespect.....leave them in the dust!!

Love hurts....but not if you find true love. that is the purest happiest, holiest love there is! If you need some one to talk to......close your eyes bow your head and talk to the one person who will ALWAYS love matter what!!

(or you could call me hehe)

and your parents are always there too!!

i hope everyone finds exactly what they're looking for and finds true love and happiness!!!

until next time I AM DANIE MARIE and that's who i will always be, so get over it!!
p.s. next post will be much happier i promise!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Long time

Sorry it's been so long. school is brutal. page after freaking page of that miserable thing that takes over our lives, and destroys social lives and family time!! yeah that's right!!! home work!! AHH!!! the evil word that word that evil word!!!! my ears my virgin ears!!!! AHHH!!!

So any who!! my history class...oh my history class. Mr. McEvoy. what kind of name is that any how?? i mean you can say Mr. mac which everyone calls him, but its not MAC it MC kinda like McDonald's...i mean what am i gonna call him MR. MICK!! (for pronunciation purposes) yeah i don't think so! i do not believe i have met anyone crazier in my whole 16 and one half years of my life. yes he is absitively posolutely INSANE!! Has anyone ever had to copy down word for word what some one says for 45 minutes straight....??? EVEN if he goes off on a tangium about cheesecake and smelly poo!! well i have to write all the learning worthy CRAP......PLUS all the nonsense he spills out his large discolored mouth! i just noticed today but......his teeth are yellow and he loves making not funny jokes that everyone laughs at because hes so STUPID!! and then hes like a little kid that gets recognition for doing something cute.....and he gets this big grin on his face and says "you like that...funny huh??? its all humor its all humor!!" PULL my EYES OUT AND KNOCK MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL!!! it is probably very impossible to write EVERYTHING!! oh and i almost forgot, after our tragic 40 minute class session with Mr MICK we must go home that night and.....ready.......TYPE THE WHOLE THING PRINT IT OUT AND PUT IT IN A SECONDARY NOTEBOOK!!!! which he collects at some point for a grade which is like a test grade or something!! In the notebook we must include random pictures and separate the important stuff from the nonsense. the first day.....i took 4 pages of note.......4!!!!!!

anyway...moving on. Wednesday night we had glow in the dark volley ball...which could've been fun if i wasn't so disoriented and had a sinus headache oh and if he who must not be named would actually speak to me!! ::SIGH:: this week we started seminary too!! another event to add to my already full one!! ::bigger SIGH:: it was okay...if you think, sitting by some one who didn't want to sit by you the 1st day, b) sitting by yourself the next day, because he who must not be named sat in your seat, c) finally having someone sit by you the 3rd day...and d) not wanting to play the game Friday....or eat...because he who must not be named was like a minimum of 10 feet from you every second....he was even in talking distance...cause we were like diagonal from each other, but THANK FREAKING GOODNESS I DID NOT PLAY AGAINST HIM.....can you say.....AWKWARD SITUATION!?!?!?!?!?! ::BIGGEST SIGH:: so i guess when this boy finally decides to come around or i try to patch things up once again...things wont be so awkward...but until then......awkward turtle!!


So Whitney and her kids, Ashleigh, Matthew and Benjamin, came over yesterday for dinner and to hang out for a Lil while! they are the cutest kids ever!! Ash is 5 and just started cute!! Matt is turning 4 in December and he is the cutest boy ever!!! and Benjamin....oh Ben, so he is turning two in a couple weeks and he is adorable. when we were chowing down on yummy sgetti, Ben as you might have guessed for a 2 year old made a HUGE mess and kept dropping it at his i have two dogs who LOVE people food. Soon after Mr. Benji began eating they were right there cleaning up. Ben of course did not like the fact that these dogs were licking his feet so, he first put his feet up on his booster seat.....that didn't work to he then placed his feet on the table to look like this........he was relaxed and chowing down his sgettti....eventually he ended up dumping the WHOLE plate onto the table and eating it from there on the next chair over. The dogs of course kept up their feast and cleaned his whole seat.....YUMMY!!! Ash also stole my phone and began filling it with pictues of herself..... oh last weekend me and my sister Taylor stayed with my brother David at his apartment in Long island city. i have to admit it was pretty fun. we hung out and Saturday we went to the city and walked around in the pouring rain!! OH BOY!! Dave was the wettest then Taylor and i think Albee (Dave's friend) and i were pretty equal..(we actually used the umbrellas most of the time....course Dave's much taller than any of us so it didn't work all that well. i got a nice pair of 60 dollar jeans.....(most expensive pair i have ever gotten) and a cute hott pink shirt. woot!! i love the jeans they are so comfy!!

ANOTHER THING to complain about at school......uh, the stupid freaking IDs!! ugh!! they have to be on a string/ lanyard, and around our necks!! UGH again!! it is SOOO obnoxious! and all the teachers and aids are so anal about it too!! you get stopped in the hallway until its around your neck...and cant leave the class until it is on!! o m double g!!

well....until my next adventure. I'm Danie Marie and you are you!! now stay that way!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A lot to do

Sorry sorry!! vacation, school, oh boy!! So Thursday, August 28th, was a very long day! It started out alright, then got CRAZY! so vacation to the cabin in the poconos is an amazing getaway right?? wrong....the getaway part is NOT amazing!! We talked (my family and i) and planned on leaving like, 2 or 3 ish.....we didnt leave until 8. My sister and i packed, cleaned and waited the majority of the day, then, the friggin dogs got loose around 6ish!! BIG OH NO!! they ALWAYS get out so when the lady down the street told us she saw them running around, we sighed got in the big red truck and headed out! Looking probably took us about an hour or so, we were still there and its 7, 4 to 5 hours after we planned on leaving. When my padre finally dragged his butt in the door we tried pushing him out again. DIDNT WORK!! we do a lil yelling, we do a lil fighting, we do a lil crying, we do a lil sighing, and WERE OFF! dad has to drop a check off at a customers house...still working, he talks for about 10 minutes.....its now about 8 o clock and we finally head to the highway, we still have to meet my best friend, emily at the gas station, fill up, and buy some treats.....8 : 24 and were on the road again. we arrive at our destination FINALLY at about 11 o clock, and were beat, ready for BED!! woot!! although we stay up to watch the 20 channels we have on the tv, thats what i call vacation!! ::snicker:: Friday wasnt as eventful, but still full of events. We awoke, and emily, around 8 30 or 9, and we ate some cereal, watched a movie, took a walk, went to the pool, and shes gone!! The Engstroms, arrive around 6 30, we eat yummy pork chops and somethign they made, played BS and scum, im awsome i went from scum, to king, and remained there for the remainder of the game!! woot. BS...all i have to say is...i cant lie for my life!! which i guess is a good thing, kinda. I eventually crawl into bed, and fall fast asleep.......

~the next day~

hmm....saturday, we went horse back riding, that was fun, and we went to the lake. i rode a paddle boat with my sister, we went approximately 2 mph. JOY!! hehe afterwards, we went to the pool and the Engstroms journeyd home. BED TIME!!

~sunday~ we slept in, until like 9!! good golly gracious!! we ate french toast, and sausage. yummy!!! Later that afternoon we went to the pool!! OH THE POOL!!
lets count how many gorgeous boys i shorts!!! oh blue shorts!! ::sigh:: yellow shorts, fire shorts (blue shorts' lil brother), sunglasses, bandaide, tattoo, tattoo's lil brother, and i think thats all the ones we named at least oh and ryan. i forgot him! hehe thats 8 boys at the pool! Those are only at the pool, we also went, to the lake and horse back riding and there were like a hundred quads running around!! ::sigh:: boys!! My sister and i's favorite was blue shorts, he was there everytime we were at the pool. coinquidinq i think NOT!!
we also did family church that night, i offered the lesson on following the commandments, and we played simon says, ate brownies, that i made, and played BS and scum once more!! woot!!

monday...the last day!!

i awoke at approximately 9 30 because we had horse back riding again. my dad went on the trail, at 10, my mom at 11, and then at 2 30 my sister,and i went around the arena.FUN!!!! My mom, my dad and i all rode the same horse!! there were many beautiful horses and adorable ponies there!! The biggest one was named thunder....HE WAS HUGE!! like O M double G huge!!! That was loads and loads of fun.....but we didnt get to the best part!!!

we traveled down to the river following the horses and my dad, my sister and i (my mom didnt want to swim) swam in the river.....that was SO MUCH FUN!!! We swam across to the cliffs on the other side and OH MAN!! We totally jumped off them!! CLIFF DIVING sounds EXTREME!! not really we only went like 2 to 4 feet up cause it was only like 5 feet deep and we dove in!! IT was INSANE!! ::giggle:: We eventually left and dropped my mom home with the dogs and went to the pool for a lil shorts was there!! ::SIGH:: When we arrived home that evening we ate steak! DELICIOSO!!! it was absolutely incredibly amazing!! Then we made our way up to bed for our last night at the cabin!! ::tear::

leaving day.....
so considering how long it took us to actually arrive at the cabin youd expect it to take FOREVER to leave huh?, we packed we cleaned we packed, we about 1 to 2 hours!! were speedy!! we then made our journey home! my dad tried to make us trek up a mountain in flip flops to see a really cool view....yeah that never happened. So our long journey was mostly sleeping and sleeping. We arrived home around 12 which is probably a record for our family!! soon after we got home we left again to go visit my brother in long island and see his apartment!! when we finally left we went to target and i met my friend emily there and when i completed my shopping for school, the next day, emily and i left to go back to my house and chill cause she goes back to college tomorow!! ::tear::

school starts!!

ugh school if any one hates school as much as i do id be surprised... school school school....nothing else to say except for whens summer coming?

junior year is tough.....already

classes are okay! concert choir is da bomb!! and so is beginning piano!! my two favorite classes!!

sorry this isnt my best blog entry!! ill do better next time...whis might be tomorow or friday or this weekend..who knows! check in to find out more exciting adventures on ABSOLUTELY DANIE MARIE....

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