Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my mother, my sickness, my friend, and my baby

So, i awoke this morning to....."Aggggh!........DANIE?!?!?"

.......Little did i know it was my mother calling me from the bathroom in serious need of some womanly products..........

So i pretend to sleep a lil longer and eventually her cries for help drag me from the comfort of sleep into the potty room.

So bronchitis isn't fun! i am probably going to cough up a lung at some point tonight or in the day tomorrow. I am enjoying yet dying from the small vacation i have taken from school to recover from this serious illness....the doctor man says i need to rest!! (so does my sides and my chest and my throat!!! uggh) But as much as i am enjoying sleeping til noon and watching movies all day, i eventually must return to my life as a student, and catch up on some homework i am quite sure i am way behind in. Lucky for me, i have a 4 day weekend ahead, with plenty of time to complete the tasks ahead. If procrastination doesn't take over and i am left with a pile of studies on Tuesday night next week.

If anyone has had a best friend

3 years older than you and goes to college 2,000 miles away, then they know that i am practically dying right now. Yes i do get to speak to her like 24/7 but, that is not enough, i need the comforting arms of a best friend, and the silly faces she makes....oh wait that's her normal face! (haha just kidding em!) The next time i will see her gorgeous face is when she returns home from cold, snowy, windy, land of potatoes! yes....Idaho....in december!!! She is now attempting to get a bachelors degree (in what.....i do not know,) in Mormon infested rexburg, Idaho, at BYU Idaho. Whoever thought of the name Idaho for a state must have been on drugs or something. i mean come on....I....DA....HO?!?!? who knows?!?! So anyway, Miss Emily no middle name Kinghorn is approximately too far away for us to hang out and see each other like everyday or at least every weekend. ::sigh:: I miss her terribly!! Phone conversations can only last as long as either, a) my mother can handle, b) when school/class starts, c) when either my hand or ear begin to fall off....and d) the fact that we are falling asleep and don't say much but uh huh and hm. So now that you know all about our interesting relationship I'm sure you'd like to know that the boy i was madly in like with is her younger brother......can you say all in the family.....if i married someone in that family though...we would be sister in laws and that would be like TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! (idk if i would wanna be a kinghorn though i mean theyre awesome and all but.....)

So i obviously didn't mention this in a previous blog but, Whitney had her baby boy!! Garret Kenton Rockwell!! He is so cute!! Holding him makes me want one.....but of course i have to wait until i am married and have at least some education and semi good job to support the poor child!! But he is SO cute. If i cant have a baby right now....a puppy would work!! ::cough mom cough:: hehe My dream dog is a little Yorkie girl!!

SO CUTE!! i will get little outfits and dresses for her to wear and put bows in her hair and love her till she gets fed up and runs away! lol jkjk i wont let her runaway!! i would love her too much! she might get mad sometimes and bite me though!! that would be sad!

well.....i probably should get to sleep in order to get better.

So join me next time on Absolutely Danie Marie!!

that's me!!

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emily said...

i hate that picture...couldn't you have found a more flattering one?!? get better bub!!