Friday, September 12, 2008

Long time

Sorry it's been so long. school is brutal. page after freaking page of that miserable thing that takes over our lives, and destroys social lives and family time!! yeah that's right!!! home work!! AHH!!! the evil word that word that evil word!!!! my ears my virgin ears!!!! AHHH!!!

So any who!! my history class...oh my history class. Mr. McEvoy. what kind of name is that any how?? i mean you can say Mr. mac which everyone calls him, but its not MAC it MC kinda like McDonald's...i mean what am i gonna call him MR. MICK!! (for pronunciation purposes) yeah i don't think so! i do not believe i have met anyone crazier in my whole 16 and one half years of my life. yes he is absitively posolutely INSANE!! Has anyone ever had to copy down word for word what some one says for 45 minutes straight....??? EVEN if he goes off on a tangium about cheesecake and smelly poo!! well i have to write all the learning worthy CRAP......PLUS all the nonsense he spills out his large discolored mouth! i just noticed today but......his teeth are yellow and he loves making not funny jokes that everyone laughs at because hes so STUPID!! and then hes like a little kid that gets recognition for doing something cute.....and he gets this big grin on his face and says "you like that...funny huh??? its all humor its all humor!!" PULL my EYES OUT AND KNOCK MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL!!! it is probably very impossible to write EVERYTHING!! oh and i almost forgot, after our tragic 40 minute class session with Mr MICK we must go home that night and.....ready.......TYPE THE WHOLE THING PRINT IT OUT AND PUT IT IN A SECONDARY NOTEBOOK!!!! which he collects at some point for a grade which is like a test grade or something!! In the notebook we must include random pictures and separate the important stuff from the nonsense. the first day.....i took 4 pages of note.......4!!!!!!

anyway...moving on. Wednesday night we had glow in the dark volley ball...which could've been fun if i wasn't so disoriented and had a sinus headache oh and if he who must not be named would actually speak to me!! ::SIGH:: this week we started seminary too!! another event to add to my already full one!! ::bigger SIGH:: it was okay...if you think, sitting by some one who didn't want to sit by you the 1st day, b) sitting by yourself the next day, because he who must not be named sat in your seat, c) finally having someone sit by you the 3rd day...and d) not wanting to play the game Friday....or eat...because he who must not be named was like a minimum of 10 feet from you every second....he was even in talking distance...cause we were like diagonal from each other, but THANK FREAKING GOODNESS I DID NOT PLAY AGAINST HIM.....can you say.....AWKWARD SITUATION!?!?!?!?!?! ::BIGGEST SIGH:: so i guess when this boy finally decides to come around or i try to patch things up once again...things wont be so awkward...but until then......awkward turtle!!


So Whitney and her kids, Ashleigh, Matthew and Benjamin, came over yesterday for dinner and to hang out for a Lil while! they are the cutest kids ever!! Ash is 5 and just started cute!! Matt is turning 4 in December and he is the cutest boy ever!!! and Benjamin....oh Ben, so he is turning two in a couple weeks and he is adorable. when we were chowing down on yummy sgetti, Ben as you might have guessed for a 2 year old made a HUGE mess and kept dropping it at his i have two dogs who LOVE people food. Soon after Mr. Benji began eating they were right there cleaning up. Ben of course did not like the fact that these dogs were licking his feet so, he first put his feet up on his booster seat.....that didn't work to he then placed his feet on the table to look like this........he was relaxed and chowing down his sgettti....eventually he ended up dumping the WHOLE plate onto the table and eating it from there on the next chair over. The dogs of course kept up their feast and cleaned his whole seat.....YUMMY!!! Ash also stole my phone and began filling it with pictues of herself..... oh last weekend me and my sister Taylor stayed with my brother David at his apartment in Long island city. i have to admit it was pretty fun. we hung out and Saturday we went to the city and walked around in the pouring rain!! OH BOY!! Dave was the wettest then Taylor and i think Albee (Dave's friend) and i were pretty equal..(we actually used the umbrellas most of the time....course Dave's much taller than any of us so it didn't work all that well. i got a nice pair of 60 dollar jeans.....(most expensive pair i have ever gotten) and a cute hott pink shirt. woot!! i love the jeans they are so comfy!!

ANOTHER THING to complain about at school......uh, the stupid freaking IDs!! ugh!! they have to be on a string/ lanyard, and around our necks!! UGH again!! it is SOOO obnoxious! and all the teachers and aids are so anal about it too!! you get stopped in the hallway until its around your neck...and cant leave the class until it is on!! o m double g!!

well....until my next adventure. I'm Danie Marie and you are you!! now stay that way!!

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