Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Bird

It is approximately 4:24 am at the moment. yes on a school night!! but i do not think i am going to go tomorrow since i have been awake for like 2 hours and i still don't feel very well.....

I'm awake. At 2:30 my mother woke me up to see if the dogs were in my room! they weren't. i knew what that meant. My mom and dad then ran out the door to try and find them. they returned about an hour ago and still haven't got them! Now, after my mom woke me up i lied in bed trying to go back to sleep.......obviously that didn't happen. I couldn't get comfortable and my sides were hurting so that made it worse. I tried watching a movie, but the TV in the guest room wasn't working and so i decided that my computer would have to do.

i am kinda sleepy but i doubt sleep is going to come to me anytime sister will be up in an hour and i should be if i was going to go to seminary! But, I've just decided that going to school after being up from 2 30 in the morning, what is that.....4 1/2 hours of sleep..isn't a very good idea my teachers would probably think so too...i went to bed at like 10!! uggh!! being sick is messing my sleep pattern up!
My mom cut up some cantaloupe in the kitchen and its really good!
maybe ill go steal some more!! mmmmmhhh...

Not much else right now......I'm just awake. Okay this is getting really boring so maybe ill write!! lol

To find out if i ever go to sleep again! tune in later!!!!!!!

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