Thursday, September 4, 2008

A lot to do

Sorry sorry!! vacation, school, oh boy!! So Thursday, August 28th, was a very long day! It started out alright, then got CRAZY! so vacation to the cabin in the poconos is an amazing getaway right?? wrong....the getaway part is NOT amazing!! We talked (my family and i) and planned on leaving like, 2 or 3 ish.....we didnt leave until 8. My sister and i packed, cleaned and waited the majority of the day, then, the friggin dogs got loose around 6ish!! BIG OH NO!! they ALWAYS get out so when the lady down the street told us she saw them running around, we sighed got in the big red truck and headed out! Looking probably took us about an hour or so, we were still there and its 7, 4 to 5 hours after we planned on leaving. When my padre finally dragged his butt in the door we tried pushing him out again. DIDNT WORK!! we do a lil yelling, we do a lil fighting, we do a lil crying, we do a lil sighing, and WERE OFF! dad has to drop a check off at a customers house...still working, he talks for about 10 minutes.....its now about 8 o clock and we finally head to the highway, we still have to meet my best friend, emily at the gas station, fill up, and buy some treats.....8 : 24 and were on the road again. we arrive at our destination FINALLY at about 11 o clock, and were beat, ready for BED!! woot!! although we stay up to watch the 20 channels we have on the tv, thats what i call vacation!! ::snicker:: Friday wasnt as eventful, but still full of events. We awoke, and emily, around 8 30 or 9, and we ate some cereal, watched a movie, took a walk, went to the pool, and shes gone!! The Engstroms, arrive around 6 30, we eat yummy pork chops and somethign they made, played BS and scum, im awsome i went from scum, to king, and remained there for the remainder of the game!! woot. BS...all i have to say is...i cant lie for my life!! which i guess is a good thing, kinda. I eventually crawl into bed, and fall fast asleep.......

~the next day~

hmm....saturday, we went horse back riding, that was fun, and we went to the lake. i rode a paddle boat with my sister, we went approximately 2 mph. JOY!! hehe afterwards, we went to the pool and the Engstroms journeyd home. BED TIME!!

~sunday~ we slept in, until like 9!! good golly gracious!! we ate french toast, and sausage. yummy!!! Later that afternoon we went to the pool!! OH THE POOL!!
lets count how many gorgeous boys i shorts!!! oh blue shorts!! ::sigh:: yellow shorts, fire shorts (blue shorts' lil brother), sunglasses, bandaide, tattoo, tattoo's lil brother, and i think thats all the ones we named at least oh and ryan. i forgot him! hehe thats 8 boys at the pool! Those are only at the pool, we also went, to the lake and horse back riding and there were like a hundred quads running around!! ::sigh:: boys!! My sister and i's favorite was blue shorts, he was there everytime we were at the pool. coinquidinq i think NOT!!
we also did family church that night, i offered the lesson on following the commandments, and we played simon says, ate brownies, that i made, and played BS and scum once more!! woot!!

monday...the last day!!

i awoke at approximately 9 30 because we had horse back riding again. my dad went on the trail, at 10, my mom at 11, and then at 2 30 my sister,and i went around the arena.FUN!!!! My mom, my dad and i all rode the same horse!! there were many beautiful horses and adorable ponies there!! The biggest one was named thunder....HE WAS HUGE!! like O M double G huge!!! That was loads and loads of fun.....but we didnt get to the best part!!!

we traveled down to the river following the horses and my dad, my sister and i (my mom didnt want to swim) swam in the river.....that was SO MUCH FUN!!! We swam across to the cliffs on the other side and OH MAN!! We totally jumped off them!! CLIFF DIVING sounds EXTREME!! not really we only went like 2 to 4 feet up cause it was only like 5 feet deep and we dove in!! IT was INSANE!! ::giggle:: We eventually left and dropped my mom home with the dogs and went to the pool for a lil shorts was there!! ::SIGH:: When we arrived home that evening we ate steak! DELICIOSO!!! it was absolutely incredibly amazing!! Then we made our way up to bed for our last night at the cabin!! ::tear::

leaving day.....
so considering how long it took us to actually arrive at the cabin youd expect it to take FOREVER to leave huh?, we packed we cleaned we packed, we about 1 to 2 hours!! were speedy!! we then made our journey home! my dad tried to make us trek up a mountain in flip flops to see a really cool view....yeah that never happened. So our long journey was mostly sleeping and sleeping. We arrived home around 12 which is probably a record for our family!! soon after we got home we left again to go visit my brother in long island and see his apartment!! when we finally left we went to target and i met my friend emily there and when i completed my shopping for school, the next day, emily and i left to go back to my house and chill cause she goes back to college tomorow!! ::tear::

school starts!!

ugh school if any one hates school as much as i do id be surprised... school school school....nothing else to say except for whens summer coming?

junior year is tough.....already

classes are okay! concert choir is da bomb!! and so is beginning piano!! my two favorite classes!!

sorry this isnt my best blog entry!! ill do better next time...whis might be tomorow or friday or this weekend..who knows! check in to find out more exciting adventures on ABSOLUTELY DANIE MARIE....

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Love, Lorri said...

where are the pictures BABE? It was an AMazing VACA!!! Love ya