Wednesday, August 27, 2008



So as i sit here and begin typing, I'm basically typing whatever pops into my head. Which isn't much at the moment.

Funny Story

So mutual tonight, we made delicious home made cookies, courtesy of Sis. Engstrom, and i mean they were AMAZING!!! they were just like original chocolate chip cookies but had oatmeal in them!! O M double G (oh my goodness gracious) they are like heavenly, soft and gooey and best of all filling cause of the oatmeal which means you can have 2 and be just fine, even though they are so good you want to eat a whole pan, you cant cause your full after two, which probably saves you 20 pounds off your hips.
Okay so, we had these heavenly cookies, and i see "him" hes walking around looking at posters and pictures with his twin brother and friends, i see him and i want to just stare at him forever because he is like WOW!! hehe But of course i can't or he'll catch me, Ur Dur! so i sneak a few hundred glances and oh boy my heart races and i get butterflies. Which i don't even know why cause i mean like i said in my last post he isn't even talking to me and every one says he's such a jerk! but i cant help it he is so incredibly incredible! so getting over him, not think of him plan will start over again tomorrow if i can help it! ::sigh:: After activity, my friend Madison and i are talking about him, and i am complaining about him not talking to me and she keeps saying i should talk to him, and as i am about to say i cant, because i have to give him the chance the last time was my last time, we stroll out of the gym door and BAM hes RIGHT there in front of me! I get all red and run away! he wasn't going to talk to me or anything he was just waiting for his dad or something, but he heard Madison say just talk to him and me say i can't. FUNNY part!! Madison tried to cover it up by saying

"you should...n't fall you might get hurt! i fall all the time and it isn't fun, ill tell you that."

i continue to say... "Ive already fallen and its only fun if someone catches you!!"

then we hide as he passes!

phew that was a close one!

yeah right! HA HA!!

Meanwhile my heart is about to jump out my chest, my palms could probably fill a salad bowl and my face is so red you'd think i was a lobster or a crab or... MARS!!! i don't look good red which made me embarrassed which made me even REDDER!! ::sigh:: oh boy...literally!

Anyway, if you've never been to jamba juice you should go. its HEAVEN in a smoothie. these are real fruit smoothies and they are incredibly delicious! my favorite one is the sugar free (HEALTHY) strawberry whirl!!
The reason i bring up jamba juice is because i am totally craving one right at this precise moment!! ::sigh::

Okay another funny story!! woot!

My little sister Taylor and I went to chuckee cheese with a bunch of ladies in our church and their children! ADORABLE!!! there was Whitney, and her kids, Ashleigh, Matthew, and Benjamin, with one on the way, (all under the age of 5) Mandy, with her 5 Jonathan, christian, Nathanial, Eliza, and Katie, (all under the age of 12) Janelle with her 4 Sydney, Jack, Josh, and Chris, (all under the age of 12 as well) Jenalyn, with Adam and Zach, and last but not least Michelle with her beautiful son Scottie, whom she adopted and is such a blessing to EVERYONE cause of his cuteness!! hehe

SO quite a party huh? Taylor and i went obviously to help with the chillens!! But, we had way too much fun, we even chased some of the kids around in the the playground thing with the tunnels! yes i had a fantastic time! Hey if free pizza and drinks are involved i am SO there!! ::giggle::

With my crazy adventures and fantastic treats I'm signing out wait for next time when I'm sure i'll have plenty more!


♥Live ♥Laugh ♥ Love ♥ Lorri said...

Oh girlie the competitions on! You are an amazing writer! I guess I am gonna have to really work hard to keep up with you!
You do inspire me!

Patricia said...

O-K, this has to be one of the most creative and animated blogs. I loved reading about your Wednesday night, and how every detail of your life is so alive and present. I can take lessons from you on how to live my life and not to take any moment for granted. I agree with your mom that you write very well!

My favorite part of your profile...I'm not married ;-)

Sis. K

Jenalyn said...

Girl, I'm glad that you enjoyed the cookies. I had fun with you and your fam this last weekend and at chucky cheese. We so need to have a DDR dance off when we don't have Adam hitting us. Bring it!