Monday, November 17, 2008

One Bad Question!

yay!! I'm posting the next day!! woot!!
Has anyone ever had a bad day?

Today was a bad day for me! i woke up late, so i couldn't do my hair like i wanted to, and i was tired ALL day! i didn't finish reading St. Luke last night cause i was tired...but i really wanna finish! UGH! During gym we had to do the pacer! for those old people that might not know what that is....we have to run back and forth between two cones and go to a beep that gets faster and faster...this year we have to do as many as we can but i unfortunately only made it to about 18, one because i was tired and wasn't in the mood for running and two because for you ladies that understand, i received my period RIGHT before going in the gym to run.....AND i had ABSOLUTELY nothing with me! So i reluctantly ran 18 laps, and when i finished i was 10 times more tired than i was previous to the pacer and i had BAD cramps!! YAY ME!! When we changed to go to our next class, i asked a hundred people and finally one of my friends had a womanly product and i was saved....well, from not having any womanly products at least, i did still have cramps! ::sigh::

Tonight One Tee Hill was on......i wont give anything away for those who missed it....well okay i wont TRY to give anything away! was weird. it was a dream that Lucas has when he falls asleep waiting for Peyton to come home, and it was like set around the Vietnam war. It was really odd, and Peyton dies but, he wakes up when she calls him in REAL life and tells him shes running later than she thought....okay anyway I'm going to have to watch it online again to fully understand what went on, but i think it was just one of those episodes that they didn't know what to write so they made a corny one to fill up weeks. lol that's my opinion anyway. Any one else's opinions are welcome if you watch the show! i love it!! it makes me happy he he

so I'm gunna start something new......on every post....(if i remember lol) I'm going to update a question will be random questions i choose from a jar that i got when i was like 8, but i have never used them, and there are some good questions. so answer the question when you comment on my PLEASE COMMENT!!

Ill do the 1st question here then do the rest on the side....... so here it goes....

What's your favorite music group and why?

I'm out!! have a great night!


Tiffany said...

TIM MCGRAW!!! Because I Luv him! :) Hes HOT :) His voice is to die for :) LOL No but really it is Tim McGraw. I just said all of that cuz my sweet hubby hates him!!

Love Lorri said...

right now I would have to say Carrie Underwood

emily said...

Thats a hard question but i guess Jason Mraz....LUCKY!!