Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution Party!

I'm so excited for 2009!! alot of stuff is happening this year that's going to be awesome! YAY!
For instance- i will get my license in approximately 25 days and 6 hours!! okay maybe more like 12 hours or something but still! anyway I'm way excited about that for sure! that's the highlight of my year! another thing though is Arli is getting married in 23 days and 6 hours! WOAH! lol never thought it would happen so soon and fast!
Next, i finish my junior year in High school and move on to be a senior!! WOW!! I'm getting old or something! haha
That's pretty much the highlights but I'm way excited for it all to begin! WOO!

I have some new year resolutions to put out here too...not to personal ones
1. Exercise more-go to the GYM!!

2. manage my time wisely (I'm going to be busy with a job, the gym, homework, school, the LITE program, and the school musical)

3. Make up seminary work(make sure i finish new testament, all scriptures memorized, get gold achievement award, make up missed seminary days)

4. pray more, read scriptures more, and work harder on building my testimony

5. Work harder in school! get better grades!
those are enough for now i think hehe
Tonight the young women and young men are having a new years eve party and we are celebrating at the church playing games and stuff!!

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Love Lorri said...

You will have a wonderful New Year! I love you and I am glad you are my little girl!