Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sleepy Dancing Fun!!

The dance last night was fun!! Church dances are always a blast! I mean they are SO lively and everyone is just workin it!! (sarcasm intended) But, yes is was alot of fun a lot of my friends went and i danced and of course me being the most outgoing in the ward got all of our ward to dance well at least the girls....the boys are impossible! lol I also danced with that guy Alex from a while ago... was kinda awkward but i kept it or at least tried to keep it very casual so he wouldn't think i still or liked him again!(that wouldn't turn out well) i asked about school, his "new"girly friend (once then quickly ended cause i didn't wanna sound jealous or anything) and told him about me getting a part in the play and about driving in a month! then when the dance ended i said thanks for dancing with me and walked away. i tried to keep the conversation going so there were no awkward silences.....of course there might have been a few but i think it went quite well! I'm proud! :)
So anyway. i had fun! BUT....... the best part of the night was when Emily K my bff slept over.

She got back from Idaho about a week or two ago and we haven't been able to hang out but she got to sleepover last night i had a ball....we stayed up late and talked about EVERYTHING!! it was fun! i love her to death!
At midnight we went in Taylor's room(she was still up with a friend too) and jumped on her and sang happy birthday since today is her birthday!

Poor girl threw up thrice today though! we didn't get to go to build a bear like we do every year and she was in pain cause she has a tooth ache! she did get a blessing tonight though we had some people over and the men gave her a blessing which was nice.....hope she feels better!
Well I'm beat.... so I'm gonna crash! One more week of 9 30 church then i get to sleep til NOON!! WOOT! I'm so excited!!! YAY!!
Danie Marie


emily said...

please remove that picture of me before i gag...i can give you a better one if you want!!

Danie Marie said...

i love it so no!!! haha!