Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Preschool Update

Sorry it's been a while folks!! i pretty much fail at keeping up with this thing...i was really good at first, but i have no clue what happened. he he
So there's not much to say, but let me think hm.....

okay so i guess ill update it's been about a month into my senior year of high school and i am so ready to graduate! My schedule is pretty easy, my favorite class is preschool! O M double goodness!! it is sooo much fun! we sing songs and do arts and crafts -i love it!! i can not wait until all the chillens come....they come on October 20Th so soon! oh and we picked our kids yesterday, i have Emma and she is about 4 and i cant wait to meet her she sounds adorable!!

i also like my English class but mostly cause i like the teacher... i had her last year too for junior English, she going to be writing my college recommendation too! Concert Choir is SO much different this year only a few same people from last year, and A LOT of new ones. i think i am getting used to it and we aren't the worst ever, i guess we could be worse! ha ha

so i don't know what else to tell y'all...
oh yeah me and Taylor went to Arizona at the end of august to visit cousins and family and stuffs we had a blast and were definitely NOT ready to come home, but the cool air here was a relief from the over 100 degree weather there, although i didn't enjoy the humidity when we stepped off the airplane that stunk!

ill get some pics up as soon as i remember too of that trip and of my little girl when she comes!!

love always,
Danie Marie

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Lesli said...

Sounds awesome Danie! You'll do an amazing job at taking care of those little ones! you always do! We miss you! Love ya!