Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Blast to the Future!

hey guys! wow its been FOREVER!! I'm sooo sorry! Kay so some updates i guess. I applied to college and got in!! HA HA mom!! lol my mom was worried i wasn't going to get in anywhere! GUESS WHAT MOM!!! i got into all 4 of the schools i applied to! Utah State (#1 choice) Idaho state(last choice) Utah Valley (3rd choice) and University of Utah(not even a choice!!) BYU Idaho is my second choice but I'm gonna apply for winter term in April. My family is trying to sell the house, and hoping my mom gets a job in Idaho. I CAN NOT WAIT to get out of "the garden state!!" i hate NJ with a passion! so there's like 4 months left in my senior year of high school! OM double goodness!! i cant wait to graduate! i hate high school!

Well i guess that pretty much sums up the time that's gone by! he he

I'm at a sleepover at Sister Engstroms house with the young women right now! OOH fun! there are only two older girls and Courtney....everyone else is SO little! lol well I'm gonna crash i have a headache!

ill try to keep posting whenever i remember! lol
love always,

Danie Marie

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