Thursday, April 23, 2009

A poetic update

wow its been awhile since I've posted!
nothing too interesting has been going is school church is church and life is life
i am going to Phili this weekend for a concert choir competition.
its gonna be a blast I'm so excited!!
The ride ~ Danie Marie

Lost in those eyes
blue like the skies
A magical carousel ride
in the tide of the ocean
The sweet whisper of wind floating in the distance
the distance between life and a fantasy
Trying to grasp the idea of together
gripping the end of an unraveling love
The ties break loose and all is undone
Falling deep into a lonely slumber
Not waking would be great,
all so soon the light pokes at eyelids
The heart crying for attention
The skin crawling for affection
Lost in this maze
can't fight this dark daze
The loneliness is too much
gotta move on
gotta be strong
suddenly the wind of change sweeps by
the smell of mem'ries forgotten
longing to hold what the heart so desires
To get lost in those eyes
blue like the skies

1 comment:

emily said...

Love the poem hun!! My favorite line was "The heart crying for attention/The skin crawling for affection" If you want I do have some suggestions, I think it would be worth it to revise this and work on it...but really...WOW!!