Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life and God

Rain, pouring on my window.

That soothing sound.

Flashed of lightning and rumbles of thunder,

Just like my life right now.

The stabbing pain I endure everyday.

But it’s nothing new.

Faces passing by,

Not knowing I exist.

Losing all battles,

Against my friends or peers.

Just because I am not perfect.

Just because.

My life slipping away, Day by day,

No one seems to know.

Or even just care.

Can't they see?

My tear stained cheeks,

My watery eyes,

Or even me.

Treading water,

Trying to keep my head from

The ice cold death

Waiting for me down below.

Color, draining from my face.

Running and mixing into the water.

Farther, farther down I go.

My bubbles breaking at the surface.

Then there were none.....

When troubles get you down...dont give up! get down on your knees and ask for help! God is there and will always be! No matter how big or small your troubles might seem! He's waiting to help but you need to ask, so give him a chance and recieve his love! Hes more than god, hes your best friend, a shoulder to cry on and a father as well. His arms will gently hold you in your troubled times,
and his love will surround you in your whole life from beginning to end! God loves you as does his son. Their love will never leave you! They are waiting for you to pray! ask for their help and they will answer, just have faith that all will get better!


Tiffany said...

Awwwww that was so good to read! Sure love you lots!! ~Auntie

Tinney Tribe! said...

I love you Dani! This was a great Blog. Makes me really think! Thanks I love you, Auntie!

The Tanners said...

Great advice to always remember that our Heavenly Father is always there for us, especially in our worst of times. We love you.

Uncle Nate

Love Lorri said...

You are an amazing young lady! I think you need to put your talk from Sunday on here! AMAZING!!!