Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hectic Chorus Friend!!

Hey fellow bloggers! Its been hectic in the life of Danie Marie.
I have been after school with drama almost everyday, and I've been losing sleep and I'm sick!
OH! and i have a chorus concert tonight!
(this isn't really my high school but i wish we had an auditorium like this that would be HOTT!! And they look very professional! he he)
its for school like the high school concert, not with other schools. I'm actually still at school waiting for my friend to get done with Spanish honors society, hey wait shes here! lol well I'm going to her house to hang out before the concert and do home work!!
Ill update you later on how it all went!
signing out!
Danie Marie

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emily said...

Have fun!! Good luck at your concert!!