Monday, February 28, 2011

A quick update

Hey everyone! WOW it has been a really long time since i posted last...i guess i'm not as good at this blog thing as i thought i might be.'s a quick update on what ive been up to the past while.

I graduated from highschool on july 23rd 2010 and I am so glad to be out of there!!

In August 2010 i moved to rexburg, idaho with my puppy chip, to try and get a job and work until i went to school in January.....unfortunately i had no luck on the job front so i decided to go back home. So at the end of december me and chip packed up my landlords car who needed it in Ohio and we began our road trip back east. We drove on the first day to Idaho Falls where Arli lives and i went to breakfast with her....then we headed off and drove from IF to North Platte, Nebraska where we spent the night in a pet friendly hotel. I had a king sized bed all to my self (and chip). The next day i ate breakfast at the free continental breakfast they had and then headed off to St. Louis, MO where i spent 2 nights at the Yergensens. It was a blast! i was so glad i got to see them after such a long time! Then we packed the car back up and headed to Columbus, OH where my landlord met me at my "uncle" dave's house and picked up the car. I stayed there for two nights and then my uncle drove me back to NJ when he had to return to work. When i finally arrived home......

My brother was given my room....(his old room) and i had to sleep in my parents bed/the basement.....then Whitney Rockwell offered to let me go live with her. So i did.

I moved into the Rockwell residence....2 parents....5 kids....and shared a room with the oldest Ashleigh who is 7. I had a blast! i absolutely loved living there...and i hopefully will be living there again when i come home in the summer. if they'll let me

I got a job after 3 days of being home at a fast food type restraunt, Pollo Tropical as a cashier. I liked it there and i will have the job back when i return in the summer....The people there were nice...although like everyone there is always someone that gets on your nerves so of course i had one of those. BUT i lasted.

On January 1st i then returned to ICEBURG, BYU-Ido, etc. for my first semester as a college freshman.

So far the semester has been great.....a couple problems with roomies, but survivable. Classes are all good....grades good....getting better....working on it! hehe

Next semester i will be roomies with one of my BFFs Emily Gerhartz and it will be great! I am so excited.

My major is Psychology with a minor in child development....i am not exactly sure what i want to do with that yet, but i still have time. I love learning about the mind and i love helping people so i think child psychologists....maybe in a hospital....maybe my own private practice, maybe ill change and go to social work....idk it'll come to me.

Well it may not have been quick, but it was an update. Here are some pics of
my puppy,
my computer
and thats it....wanna see more pics go to my facebook....Danie Marie Thorne.... email-
Thanks all for catching up!
Love Always,
Danie Marie

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