Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello from the burg!

Hey everyone!
Here's an update on my life right now!
First I am still attending BYU-Idaho. It's going great! I love it here....except for the cold...but what do you expect, its Idaho. I am in my 3rd semester. I currently do not know what I want to major in, but Ive been praying and waiting for an answer. I am still single...i know shocking since i am at BYU-I-do right? but yup still single and ready to mingle. I am trying hard to keep my grades up since the first two semesters didn't go so well....but I'm working hard. My family moved to Saratoga Springs, Utah in August, so i get to see them more often. I miss them still but its better than being 2,000 miles away. My puppy chip is 3 now. HOLY CRAP! he is not a puppy anymore, but he will always be MY puppy. I love going home to see him. My mom thinks i don't miss her as much as i miss chip, but some days i do! HAHA! He is my baby, so i can miss him a lot...right? Last spring i lived with Emily Gerhartz one of my best friends. We had a blast! Compared to my first semester it was like heaven on earth! This semester i am living in an apartment with 2 girls. So including me there are 3 of us. I have a private room which is sooo nice! I like it here. its close to campus and my roommates are pretty flippin sweet. Next semester i will be getting a car! woot! My brother David left on his mission in December so i am buying his truck. Its a 1998 ford explorer 4wd. I can hear the dunes calling my name!! I am so excited to get it. I cant wait to go off roading! one of my favorite things to do. I need to find some boys who will drive my truck, cause I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to doing the driving. HAHA!
well off i go to eat some dinner and do some more hw. comment if you have any questions on anything i didn't mention, or vaguely mentioned! Thanks to all my followers for being so loyal, even though i haven't been!
Danie Marie

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